Roses and Gifts

Roses and other Gift Desctags are special items that you can buy for someone you care about, and they will show up at the end of the receiver's description. In addition, with each gift you give, you may attach a short, personal message that will show up on the users screen when it is delivered.

Roses come in five beautiful colors:


Each color lasting longer than the last before it wilts. When you buy a rose, it is given to you as a bud and it doesn't bloom until you give it to someone.

Giving Gifts
Rose give-rose <name> or
give-rose <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Rose)
Bouquet give-bouquet <name> or
give-bouquet <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Bouquet)
Candy Cane give-candy-cane <name> or
give-candy-cane <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Candy Cane)
Sword give-sword <name> or
give-sword <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Sword)
Flaming Sword give-flaming-sword <name> or
give-flaming-sword <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Flaming Sword)
Magic Wand give-magic-wand <name> or
give-magic-wand <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Magic Wand)
Snug give-snug <name> or
give-snug <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Snug)
Valentine give-valentine <name> or
give-valentine <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Valentine)
Valentine (Fancy) give-valentine-fancy <name> or
give-valentine-fancy <name> <message>
(to add a pop-up message with the Valentine (Fancy))

Important Note!

These desctags last for the following durations:

Yellow Rose 1 week
Red Rose 2 weeks
Purple Rose 2 weeks
White Rose 4 weeks
Black Rose 4 weeks
Bouquet 4 weeks
Magic Wand 2 weeks
Sword 2 weeks
Flaming Sword 4 weeks
Candy Cane (seasonal) 4 weeks
Snug 1 week
Valentine (seasonal) 2 weeks
Valentine Fancy (seasonal) 2 weeks


You cannot give away a Gift Desctag, once it has been given to you. However, you may discard them, should you feel so inclined, by typing:


To check to see how many Roses and other Desctag Gifts you are able to give out, type the info command, and check to see how many you have inactive.

Once you give them to someone, they become activated and can no longer be given out. To give Desctag Gifts without activating them, see the page on secure trade. If you transfer them in that way, the inactive gift they are given will not be shown in the recipient's description, but they will be able to give the gift to others.

Roses can be bought individually or by the dozen. If you have roses of more than one color to give or discard, the following commands apply:


Free for all: Fortune Cookies!

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