Svallfurres live underground, usually inside of mountains. They are peaceful, quite long-lived, and love to create things very slowly. When they do come out of their caves, they take to the seas in finely crafted ships.

Dark Svallfurres become hoarders of treasure, going out to raid, or demand tribute from small villages. They are much shorter than a typical furre, though they resemble ordinary Furres of the kinds that like to live underground or on shores. The typical Svallfurre has big claws for digging, very little neck, and a patch of long lush fur resembling a beard on their chest. They generally prefer to eat hearty stews made of roots and berries and fish.

Light Svallfurres live together by following a long but very practical list of rules. Dark Svallfurres, by contrast, are always quarrelling-- their weak point.

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