Listen in to these broadcast channels to get all the latest news and updates. Participate in events, tune into announcements, and immerse yourself in Furcadia's rich community.

News Channel: Toggle on/off with =news
Beekin the Help Dragon reports on all the latest happenings in Furcadia. Keeping this channel on all the time will make sure you hear about events both, official and player run. News channel stays on all the time unless you turn it off. Anyone holding an event of interest to many Furcadians can get it announced by filling out the form here.
Spice News Channel: Toggle on/off with =spice
This channel is for news of a spicier nature! Players with events held in M16+, A18+ and AO dreams can get them advertised over this channel. The Spice channel can only be heard if you are in one of these areas. You can also hear official announcements geared towards the more mature players. Players can requests these reports for their events here.
Event Channel: Toggle on/off with =event
The Event channel is where to tune in during official events to get a play by play of the action. This channel is run by DEP staff only. If you keep this channel on you might hear things like Awards ceremonies, Groups & Guilds Day interviews and Trivia Contests.
FUN Channel: Toggle on/off with =fun
The Event Beekin volunteers run this channel. They hold many fun things to do and keep everyone informed and involved over the Fun channel. Listen to the News Channel or check the Community Calendar to hear when these events take place!
/ The Second Dreaming Channel: Toggle on/off with =sd
This channel is reserved for backers of The Second Dreaming. Get all the latest news and updates on development and new features here.

Sponsor Channels

Silver Sponsors can gain access to little tidbits direct from Furcadia's Founders, Felorin and Talzhemir. Just order SS from the Digo Market to be able to listen to these Creators.

Felorin Channel: Toggle on/off with =fel
Talzhemir Channel: Toggle on/off with =talz
Emerald Flame Channel: Toggle on/off with =emmie

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