Commoner Families of Kasuria

"Open lineage" families of Kasuria.

These are the most common last names in the Dragonlands. OOCly speaking, they are "open" because you don't need to do anything special to join them. Your character is a member and they would add Ti' to their Longname. Do this if you don't mind leaving your relatives up to random chance:


Houses are large families or clans that live in Kasuria. An "open" bloodline is one that is neither a Great nor Lesser House, but nevertheless has existed in Furcadia for many years, and there are many who bear these surnames. If you have Pedigree: Unknown, you may not take one of these surnames. If you take the surname, you are automatically related to all others with that surname.)

M=predominantly Musteline

R=predominantly Rodent

C=predominantly Canine

E=predominantly Equine

F=predominantly Feline

Abelard (M)

Koombi (R)

Name means `Rapid.

Merrick (M),

Ajuji (R)

This is a very large family.

Mgembi (R)

Miaowara (F)

Bieda (C)

Pakchi (No predominant species)

Their patron is the Prime Licharra.

Mrr (F)

Notable names: Talzhemir; Talson; Pantho; Magnus.

Chareef (E)

Payne (M)

Has a slightly dark / sinister reputation.

Taziela (E/R)

These are often Equine and Rodent wandering tradesfurres, usually living in wagons. They are the rivals to the Veldor clan.

Davis (M)

Phong (F)

Teramin (C/M)

Known for their long white fur and brilliant (or mad) schemes.

Fiori (C)

Rinoco (R/M)

Known for its fencers.

Veldor (C/F/M)

These are often Canine, Feline, and Musteline wandering tradesfurres, usually living in wagons. They are the rivals to the Taziela clan.

Kanda (R)

Malahin (C/F)

Victor (M)

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