Official Quick Codes

Quick Codes, often called Q-codes, are a convenient set of acronyms that you can use to tell other players more about yourself in your description on Furcadia. Q-codes normally begin with the letters QQQ and then the acronyms following it. (on a bracelet or necklace, they can also begin or end with three hearts).

What's your identity?
(You don't have to answer this at all!)
Ask me once you know me better
(B) I'm Bisexual
(C) I'm Chaste
(D) No thanks, I'm Disinterested
(E) My tastes are Exotic
(F) I'm Female in real life
(G) I'm Gay
(H) I'm Heterosexual
(M) I'm Male in real life
(T) I'm Taken
What do you prefer?
(P) I'm a Persona roleplayer
(R) I'm a strict Roleplayer
(S) I'm a Socializer
Anything else to add?
(N) I have a web page
(I) I use ICQ
X (X) I'm 18 years of age or over, and am comfortable with adults-only play or discussion
Y (Y) I love to build Dreams
W (W) I love to make people feel Welcome - Feel free to ask me for help
(\) I'm a Matchmaker

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