Wyrmmes are anthro, bipedal dragons who rule Drakoria. Some of the elite are winged, but most are wingless and lizard-like.

The word Wyrmme is what the bipedal talking dragons of Drakoria call themselves. The noble-born Wyrmmes have wings but the commoners are landbound and wingless. To make up for this, they ride non-sapient quadruped dragons, called Dracosaurs.

Known for their use of psionics to control the minds of Furres in Drakoria, the race of Wyrmmes is not well-loved by Furres. However, those Wyrmmes who live in Kasuria tend to be very nice; they are the ones who rebelled against the harsh Drakorian empire. Wyrmme psionic powers are visible as a subtle rainbow shimmer in the air from forehead or jaws (as if they were breathing it out).

The Dark Primes mated with the first of the Drakorian Wyrmmes, introducing the potential for the dreaded ability called "Kajutar Mindscourge". The limited few Wyrmmes who have this ability can telepathically inflict a flash of searing pain that paralyzed their target for four seconds, with almost no effort.

In Drakoria, Wyrmmes rule all Furres and Bugges. Furres of Drakoria are next in status, and they keep both Bugges and other Furres as slaves, yet it is illegal to enslave a Wyrmme. Wyrmmes born with wings are eligible to be on the Council, which supports the Dark Emperor/Empress.

Wyrmmes are uncommon in Kasuria but there has been a steady inflow of refugees. Despite their beauty, Wyrmmes are treated with a bit of suspicion in Kasuria.

For further reading on the history of the Wyrmmes, check out Furcadia Creation Myths and Second Wyrmmes.

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