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Want to expand your friend or Dream group and reach more people, or build something BIG? You and your group members can contribute to a Group Package for an easy monthly subscription! Group Packages help you manage your members more easily, as well as granting massive benefits to the size and scope of your Dream, or friend group/followers. You can learn more about the different perks of each Group Package below, including both a summary and a feature comparison chart!

Did you know: A monthly Group Package subscription is a great way to support Furcadia. We appreciate you! ... Or, maybe you are looking to help and get some perks, but don't have a group? Check out Sponsorships instead!


Pounce Group Use your private chat to keep all your friends connected, no matter where you're scattered. Alternatively, set up a discussion on your favorite topic or share your talents using it as a Broadcast channel for all your followers! Comes with a custom tag to give out to all of your friends.
Hearth Group If you have a Home Dream where your friends come over to hangout, this is the right package for you! The Hearth Package works great for those running weekly RP sessions. A place to call home, for you and yours!
Dream Group This is a great option for Groups that are just starting out. Have a large member lists, tags, more space and Dream goodies, a saved upload spot, and Dream semi-permanence.
Realm Group Forge your way with even larger perks -- a custom staff tag and staff chat, as a Group of your size needs a bigger map size, and the tools to keep things running smoothly! Expand your group's member numbers, stand out among other Dreams with your framed portal, plus all the Dream Group benefits and more.
World Group This is our biggest package, with the most perks and room for customization, enough for a whole world with the largest allowed map size! If your Dream and members simply cannot abide by doing anything halfway, this is the package for you. Huge member lists, massive DS line capability, a standout portal, and way more!

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Feature Comparison Chart


Pounce Hearth Dream Realm World
Monthly Subscription $4.95 $9.95 $14.95 $19.95 $29.95
Group Icons
Member management
Maximum members 500 250 500 1000 3000
In-game advertising over news channel
Web: Rotating custom graphic

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Dream perks

Pounce Hearth Dream Realm World
Special Dream portal
Saved upload spot
Semi Dream permanence
Special Dream pads
Extra DS lines 1,000 2,000 7,000 12,000
Total DS lines 8,000 9,000 10,000 15,000 20,000
Special DS to manage members
Phoenixspeak database size 10kb 200kb 500kb 1000kb 5000kb
Phoenixspeak Trackable players 50 500 1000 2000 5000
Dream map size 208
Total Dream tile footage 20,800 31,250 45,000 61,250 101,250
10 15 30 60
Banish slots 256 312 512 512 1000
See who is emitting / ejecting

Package Holder Character perks

Pounce Hearth Dream Realm World
250 access for Group owner
Monthly desctags & daily cookies Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3

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Member perks

Pounce Hearth Dream Realm World
Custom Group Desctag
Rah crown, 250 access
Taneest crown, 250 access 2 2 2 4 6
Custom lvl 50 group badge
Custom lvl 100 group badge
Custom lvl 150 group badge
Custom lvl 200 group badge

Messaging perks

Pounce Hearth Dream Realm World
Group channels
News messaging
Channel news


What do these features mean?

  • Group Icons let people know at a glance your Group Level, Type, chosen upload Main Map, and Standard.
  • Member management and admin features help you set how people can join your Group and their access levels via the web.
  • Free Advertising (For some packages)
    • In-Game advertising of your group over the News Channel.
    • On, you get rotating custom graphical advertisements.
  • Note: Webpage editing for all Groups is currently being worked on and is temporarily disabled.
  • A Saved Upload spot is a certain location you submit that is saved especially for your Dream in a public Main Map, so no one else can take your spot and your members can always find you.
  • Dream Semi-Permanence means your Dream will not go down if it is empty except for the rare occasion that the server restarts.
  • Special Dream Pads are available in the most popular locations of the game for you to choose for your Dream. They are saved locations that Dream Owners can request as their saved spots.
  • Extra lines of DS let you make more activities, games, and stats in your Dream.
  • A bigger Dream Database and number of trackable players lets you store more info about each player and the Dream using Phoenixspeak.
  • A larger map size gives you more room to imagine your world, letting you build more in DreamEd.
  • Extra Local Species slots lets you customize more players' walkabouts via DS command.
  • More Banish slots is helpful for larger groups who get lots of traffic (and therefore naughty players.)
  • `noendurance is a special command helpful for bots and other things (avoiding the "your throat is tired" message.)
  • Package Holder Character (Upload alt which should be the name of the group - can't alter web page)
    • Hidden 250 access level, which is the highest possible in a Group, for the Group owner to manage aspects via DS.
    • Some packages include Monthly Desctag Goodies to share with members of your group. Larger Group Packages come with bigger Cookie Banks.
  • Member Tags
    • Rah and Taneests get special Crown tags to show they run a Group.
    • Some packages allow for:
      • Custom Group Desctags to give to all the members that advertise the group in their descriptions, which are 14x40.
      • Custom group level badges help members identify ranking of other members, which are 14x14.
  • Channels: A personal Group channel! The chat channel can sometimes be set to different types of broadcast channels, which can be switched between:
    • Chat channel that all the members can join.
    • Multi-Broadcast channel for selected members that can be listened to by other members or the public.
    • Broadcast channel that only the Rah can talk on and you can set who listens in.
  • Group News Messaging that sends out to everyone in your Group even if not logged to your channel.
  • Channel News that will show when members log in to your chat channel.

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Which Character should I put the package on?

  • The name you want for your Group Channel or Dream. Set your Rah Character to be you, as you're the Group Owner.
  • Any time you're having problems with the web interface, make sure you log out of and then log back in! This resets your name identification in the system.

I just got a new Package, what should I do?

  • Make sure you log out of and then log back in! This resets your name identification in the system. Any time you're having problems with the web interface, make sure you log out first.

What happened to registered groups?

  • New ones have been disabled for now and are not supported at this time. They will be back when they're fixed. Any currently active Registered Groups have been grandfathered in but are not supported.

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