Help! How do I create the ` symbol in Furcadia?

On standard U.S. and U.K. keyboards the ` symbol is located to the left of your number 1 digit key and above the Tab key.

In European keyboards the position of the ` symbol may vary, but it is often positioned on the right side of the question mark and will require pressing Shift at the same time.

iPhone Dot Since the iPhone does not have this accent mark you will need to use the • instead. To find the • on your iPhone tap the ".?123" button on the keyboard. Then tap the "#+=" button. The • is on the far right in the middle. For example: Type •sit to sit down.

How do I make the | symbol in Furcadia?

The pipe-shift symbol is usually located on the "\" key, just above your enter key. This is created by pressing shift+\.

Basic Commands

Learn the basics of how to talk and interact with Furcadia. With these commands, you can request in-game help from the Beekins, whisper other furres (even if they're offline!), or pick up and use objects in the game. The place to start when you're just getting started.

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Text Commands

Add flavor and convenience to your social life using emoticons, hotkeys, and text styles. These commands allow you to manipulate text.

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Map Shortcuts

A handy list of official Furcadia dreams to explore and play in, and the commands for how to get there.

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Channel Commands

Tune in to broadcast channels to get the latest Furcadia news and participate in events, or chat with other players in your favorite group.

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Additional Command Information

How do I change my character's password?

To take that extra step in security, and ensure that your Furcadia character is safe, check out our Furcadia User Password Changing information.

How do I change my character's e-mail address?

If you wish to change the default address of your character, click here to learn how to use the setemail command.

How do I use cookies?

Wondering how to give cookies to your friends? Check out our information on giving away cookies.

How do I use roses and other gift desctags?

Wondering what commands to use to give roses and other gift tags to your friends? Check out our information concerning sending gift tags.

How do I `summon/`join someone?

To learn how to summon other furres to you and how to join another furre's company, click here.

How do I toggle Furcadia's In-Game Channels?

To learn how to toggle our Channels on/off, visit here.

What are the Dream Owner Commands?

To learn about dream owner commands, visit here.

What are the PhoenixSpeak Commands?

To learn about managing PhoenixSpeak through ingame commands or through DS, visit here.

What do I do with dice rolls?

To learn about dice rolls and dice games, visit here.

Are we missing a command?

Know of a command that we missed? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the proper command, and we'll add it here!

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