From the caverns below came the Vampyre furres: spawn of mages cursed long ago by the Dark Prime Suffrith for attempting to set Mirmoggin free.

Constantine successfully destroyed the rising scourge of the Vampyre Bandit Lords. With the hearty backing of the Counts and Countesses, it became illegal to inflict vampyrism on a Furre, a law which stands to this day in Kasuria. A number of the Vampfurres fled to the Olde World.

The first Vampfurres were the thirteen rulers and priests who attempted, through a mystical ceremony, to set the Dark Prime Mirmoggin free. For this they were both cursed and blessed by the Dark Primes. Their names are spoken of only in whispers, but they are known to Vampfurres as "The Coven". Popular legends about Kasurian Vampfurres name three of the oldest Karkus, Payne, and Ameliora.

Vampfurres - The Book of Sanguine Binding

Overview of Vampfurres

Vampfurres are spawn of mages cursed long ago by the Dark Prime Suffrith for attempting to set Dark Prime Mirmoggin free. They drink the blood of Furres and tend to be serial killers or slavers who keep captives in some secret underground hideout. Throughout the known world, they are not heroic or romantic charmers. Instead Vampfurres are the villains, favored by the Dark Primes for their ruthless cruelty and violence. They are hated worldwide, and with very good reason: There has never been a Vampfurre who used their powers for good.The only Vampfurres with a chance to be different are those characters created by players.

They are not truly immortal but they can live up to a millenium. They say a Vampyre can be created by killing a Furre, then pouring a full cup of a Vampyre's blood poured into their mouth. To cure a Vampyre requires a Potion or Spell of Resurrection, or (legend has it) the Scent of the Dragon.

Nothing consecrated with a Vinca in plain sight can be entered by a Vampfurre. There are also other such symbols, and one of them is the magically empowered Unholy Sign that is inscribed upon the door of the place where Mirmoggin is imprisoned: the Vault of Dread.

Table of Contents

The Origin of Vampfurres

The following is common knowledge throughout Kasuria. Drakorians and Olde World Furres may learn it through IC interaction but begin without this knowledge.

Long ago, 13 followers of the Dark Prime Mirmoggin sought to set him free. They were wizards, dark priests and priestesses, kings, queens, emperors, and empresses. They called themselves the Coven. The magicks required enormous blood sacrifices: they filled a room with the blood of Furres, and by floating in it and chanting, they came to dream of the Vault of Dread. Their chanting would have shattered the Unholy Sigil had it not attracted the attention of Light Prime Aristaya whose domain is Dreams. She could not approach the Unholy Sigil herself, so she awakened Beekin, the smallest of all the Light Primes.

It is Beekin's power to whisper in the ears of all, no matter how far away they are. She told Beekin to alert the Dark Primes. Once they heard, the Dark Primes were surprised, then enraged. They sent Suffrith, Lady of Disasters who came in the form of a beautiful white fox, with sharp teeth and sparkling ruby eyes. To stop them from setting Mirmoggin free, she inflicted the Hunger upon them: the overpowering craving for blood. Then, as they began to drink the blood in which they were swimming, she tore out a piece of each of their souls.

Mirmoggin himself heard their screams. With power that he had been hoarding since before the invention of time itself, he bestowed strange abilities upon his followers. He ordered them never to reveal their true nature to any who are unlike themselves, and this order he laid upon them in the form of a Geas: a supernatural compulsion. All true Vampfurres, to this day, desire to keep their true nature secret.

The following information on this page is not ICly known to your character unless they are a Vampfurre of Generation 3, 4, or 5, or learned it from a teacher. But in any case, the natural IC consequence of exhibiting knowledge of Vampfurre habits, abilities, weaknesses, etc. is being hunted for it and likely killed.

Bleeding, Drinking Blood and Being Drunk From

Vampfurres need a lot of blood. The typical Vampfurre feeds for at least a cup full, enough to make the typical Furre dizzy and even pass out. The craving for blood afflicts the Vampfurrre much like a heroin addiction. It will override their good sense, their respect for others, their love or affection for others, and their willpower. The normal Furre wouldn't dream of giving this "gift" to anyone they liked, not any more than they would wish a heroin addiction on them. In the world of the Dragonlands, a Vampfurre is far more likely to transform their enemy!

When the Vampfurre is hungry, they will do anything to get blood. If they get hungry enough, they will run around like a rabid animal at night, incapable of using weapons, killing the first large creature they see in order to gorge on its blood. That's going to be an ostrix or a Furre-- more likely a Furre because the ostrix can sense the Vampfurre coming, can wake up and, given provocation, will kick a Furre across the room.

Biting a sleeping victim wakes them up. Victims usually struggle, and most Vampfurres do not possess super speed, super strength, etc. Make no mistake-- the existence of a Vampfurre is normally a brutal affair, with large doses of violence and lies.

Blood Mechanics

Every mortal Furre or Wyrmme is assumed to have six units of blood. Blood refreshes at a rate of one per week. They can lose up to one unit a week and still be fine.

If they lose a second blood unit, they pass out and may die. If they survive, they are very weak when they wake up, and can't walk or perform strenuous activity for three days.

If a mortal ever loses a third unit of blood, they die. If the mortal takes a Wound when they have lost two units of blood, they also die.

Feeding on Blood

In the official world of the Dragonlands, drinking blood is exactly that. One Furre bleeds, and the other Furre drinks it. The fangs of a Vampfurre have hollow tubes in them and small holes near the tips. If the Vampfurre is trying to be careful, they do more than just break the skin; they sink in and leave real damage. Those with Vampyre Lore skill can tell this bite apart from other kinds of bites.

The Reservoir

Every Vampfurre has a kind of reservoir for blood that holds up to five units of blood. These tick away at a rate of one per two weeks. If that ever gets to a mere 1 unit, the Vampfurre abandons all reason in order to drink blood.

"The Abyss"

Should their Reservoir ever get to 0, the Vampfurre goes unconscious. Then, they have an incoherent vision of a vast realm. The Vampfurre's mind is strangely calm and unaffected by hunger at this time, and they have all their normal memories. In the vision, a frightening apparition appears to them and offers them continued existence, in exchange for an oath of fealty to a Dark Prime. That price is one random Lacuna (can be determined via random die roll. The Vampfurre cannot get the same one twice, so if it is one they already possess, roll again until it is a new one).

If they agree, they instantly awaken, completely healed, with six units of blood. They do not remember what they saw in the Abyss, except feeling left with a distinct mood, like waking from a nightmare. They do remember that they pledged loyalty to a Dark Prime, but can only discern which one when they discover their new Lacuna.

If the Vampfurre refuses, however, then they meet True Death. Their Essence is dissolved forever; they do not go on to an afterlife of any kind.

Voluntary Bleeding

Most Furres could injure themselves to draw a few droplets of blood to sign their name, but fewer can take a knife and cut their arm or hand to fill a glass. If someone does this, they are left with a Wound and they give up one unit of Blood.

Generation Information

The Coven, those thirteen original Vampfurres, are the First Generation. (Their IC life and times were prehistoric.) Their Vampfurric Progeny, the Second Generation, settled in towns. Characters of higher generation are weaker and younger than those of lower generation. 7th Generation Vampfurres are generally less than 200 years old.

In general Vampfurres use the archaic and obsolete prefix "Ek'" (ekazaad, "protected by") in their Longnames.


Most Vampfurres leave no successors. It only takes one foolish slip to alert those who hate and destroy the Undead. Most fledgeling Vampfurres don't even last a year past their Embrace. A few manage to produce 1 surviving Progeny. A very rare few will manage 2 or even 3.

Vampfurres in one's lineage are referred to as one's Progenitors. At the 10th Generation, Mirmoggin's "Dark Gift" can no longer be passed on. 10th Generation Vampfurres are "sterile". It is worth noting that neither Wyrmmes nor Bugges can be Vampyres or Minions.


At the moment of their change, all Vampfurres feel pain at the tearing-out of part of their souls, and the ecstasy of newfound power. Their aura is marked by at least one black spot, their Lacuna. This makes them incapable of some feeling. Feeling will be, at best, a faint memory, and they can never again regain what they have lost. Some say that the Light Primes can grant that which makes them whole, but the oldest texts say that only the scent of the Dragon Him/Herself can do this. It is no light matter.

There are thirteen Lacunas, each named for the first Furre to bear it. Each is associated with a Dark Prime. It is really only Vampfurre Hunters who speak in terms of Lacunas: the Vampfurres themselves have a tendency to deny the Lacunas even exist. But those who are granted the ability to see Auras (via a Mage spell or by True Sight) will see the Lacuna as a very dark hole, a very large obvious blight of the aura. (However, there are other ways by which one can acquire a Lacuna, so it is not proof of Vampfurric nature.)

A List of The Thirteen Lacunae

Kuyorra (The False Glory) (Taglinn Tigh)

A lack of regard for the right to live free from fear makes this a subtle evil. The Furre takes pleasure in bullying others. They will make their lair into as frightening a place as possible. The Furre lives in constant fear for their own existence.

Nuava (The Unseen Hand) (Tallus)

An inability to understand the concept of personal possessions of others, but wants to own things. This may manifest itself as kleptomania. Stealing from individuals brings a kind of thrill that stealing from the community (for example, shoplifting or bank robbery) does not yield.

Tauthmyarr (The Nihilism) (Greydark)

An irrational urge to destroy. It can be as small as throwing a plate to the ground, or they can be driven to destroy buildings, burn down forests, etc. There is nothing breakable that is unbroken, in the Furre's lair.

Ghislok (The Loneliness) (Drossifer)

Incapable of normal emotional bonding with others including love, romantic or otherwise. They cannot trust or love others. They will occasionally feel possessive of others (so long as they are useful and cooperative), but the slightest sign of independence is perceived as betrayal. Yet the Furre is cursed to crave company and possibly romantic companionship.

Svinlok (The Emptiness) (Suffrith)

Incapable of deriving gratification from normal sensory stimulation. Food, art, sex, etc. bring no pleasure. The Furre can only find unusual physical stimulation pleasurable, such as beating their head against a wall, taking euphoric drugs, getting drunk, or even something bizarre like staring into a candle flame.

Sharok (The Fury) (Telcodar)

An utter lack of self-control. They act upon impulse, attacking at the slightest provocation. All their wrath is magnified a thousand times stronger. Those with Sharok's Lacuna usually live alone.

Kriorn (The Blindness) (Peristane)

An inability to treat others as equals. Other people are seen as inferiors, to be used and enslaved, or superiors, because they can hurt and destroy the Furre. The Furre is not content to limit this to opinions; they must go out and make others their thralls, or else live in torment, feeling that they are no better than slaves.

Gozmeron (The Cruelty) (Lokira)

A fierce desire to cause others pain, physical and emotional both. The sight of another in torment brings pleasure. This is like an addiction: if the Furre has not done so, they will be at a minus to all their abilities, and they will be quite irritable.

Shatugar (The Untrust) (Chatengo)

No sense of obligation or honor. They are compelled to break any promise they make, and openly mock any promise made unto them. Smells that are foul to normal Furres actually smell good while normally delicious smells are repulsive. The Furre enjoys breaking local taboos and generally being a deviant.

Aburralon (The Weeping) (Nareetha)

Unable to drive the awareness that all things come to an end, from their minds. The sight of others happy is painful to the Furre, and their own happiness is short lived, followed by an even greater backlash of depression.

Heng (The Inimicality) (Erigon)

Inability to value any existence other than their own. Life is intrinsically hateful. The Furre enjoys the feeling of power gained from ending a life. The sight of dying brings a joy that other emotions cannot match.

Willathar (The Double Tongue) (Dyarr)

A lack of regard for accuracy or truth, with a desire to lie. Being a compulsive liar will not give one a Lacuna because compulsive liars often don't remember having told the lie. With the Lacuna, the liar is very aware of the lie, and remembers it. Lying brings gratification, almost like physical pleasure.

Tamanannu (The Flesh Hunger) (Mirmoggin)

An addiction, not merely to blood, as is standard with Vampfurres, but also to fresh Furre flesh. They require a pound of flesh at least, per week.

Automatic Vampyre Disadvantages

Confused by the Vinca Sigil

Upon sighting it, the Vampfurre can approach no closer, and must stare at it, endlessly tracing its lines.

Phobia of crowds

A young Vampfurre can only tolerate the presence of up to 5 others within sight. The sight of a mob causes irrational fear, reducing the vampyre to a state of bumbling incompetence.

Upsetting to Animals

Cannot ride Ostrixes or Scarhawks; they will bristle and scream at the sight of this character.

Severely burned by Sunlight

Exposure of fifteen seconds is enough to send the Vampfurre unto true death.

Paralyzed by Day

During daylight hours the character is paralyzed, trapped with eyes closed in a state of unconscious terror resembling a coma. Begins at sunrise, and ends at sunset. Vampfurres do not sleep.

Any 1 Lacuna

Regardless of the Vampyre's willpower, they cannot go against their Lacuna. This part of them is forever destroyed, and to try to conceal or overcome it is simply not possible. They can not be talked out of their irrational state, and must either go to great lengths to rationalize it unto themselves or angrily attack that which causes them to question it.

Automatic Vampfurre Advantages

Long Lived

Will not die of disease; will age extremely slowly. If your character can find a willing Furre who is an Alchemist who knows the Anagathica potion, then you may appear to be very young. Otherwise, Vampyres do show signs of aging, eventually, it is just very slow.

Slow Metabolism

Will not die of suffocation. Vampfurres do need to breathe, but much much less than a normal Furre. Without oxygen, they turn bluish and can last an hour, but after that, they pass out until once again exposed to air. Thus, a Vampfurre who is buried alive will be unconscious indefinitely, and can be revived.

Heal from Death

They cannot die except by the sunlight, beheading, or cremation. Even at the brink of death they can heal if they are given fresh blood. If their body is beheaded or cremated, they face True Death, however.

Optional Vampfurre-Only Advantages


This is the ability to regrow a limb or sensory organ, which the various forms of Healing cannot do. Normally, if a Vampfurre loses a limb or sensory organ such as an eye, it will not grow back. The ability is not instantaneous: For each pound of flesh and bone that is missing, it requires 1 real-life week of healing.


A Minion is a servitor. Minions who share their master's taste for flesh are referred to as Ghouls, but not all Minions have this craving.

To become a Minion, a Furre drinks a cup of their Regnant's blood on three separate nights. The Minion is Enthralled by the Vampfurre, will follow an order as long as it does not obviously endanger their own life.

Player-Character Minions may acquire a Lacuna in exchange for an Evil Way, but their power remains only as long as they keep drinking a cup of their Regnant's Blood once each month. Note that keeping a Minion alive is time-consuming and the typical Vampfurre can not spare this much blood.

The Evil Ways (Vampyre Furre Powers)

These powers are learned in strange rituals, originally granted by the Dark Primes. A Vampfurre starts with one Evil Way. Learning a new Evil Way requires a Player Character teacher who already possesses that Evil Way.

Note: Evil Ways do not work upon Demifane.


Ability to numb an area by licking it. If this is done, a bite to that region is painless. This ability can be used to bring a day's relief from pain of an injury. By spending a unit of blood, the Vampfurre can also lick one Wound away. This does not erase the evidence- there will be smooth whitish scars amidst the fur.


Ability to avoid being remembered by those they have met, unless a specific ritual is performed. The ritual requires a drop of the Vampfurre's blood to be smeared on the eyelids of both of the rememberer's eyelids. The Vampfurre will also be remembered if the victim is reminded by something at a time that they see Furre blood.

The Long Sleep

Ability to feed a spoonful of their blood to a mortal victim to induce the Long Sleep. When the victim next sleeps, they seem to die in their sleep. After four hours, their eyes open and they are dimly aware of their surroundings but they are paralyzed. After eight hours they will be back to normal-- and in need of air. If they are in a buried coffin, they have 10 minutes of breathing before they suffocate to death.


Ability to walk, run, and pick items up without leaving prints or scent. This power is thwarted by moving across live green plants: their scent will remain, and leaves will be bent, crushed, or broken.

Addictive Venom

Ability for the fangs to be mystically enhanced so that the saliva carries an addictive substance. When they bite their victim, the initial pain is followed by euphoric pleasure so long as the vampyre's fangs are still in their flesh. The victim is not aware of anything except that pleasure. There will be two fangmarks afterwards.


Ability to grow a set of batlike wings on their back in five minutes time. They can carry their own weight, though not fast, while in flight. It also takes about five minutes to banish the wings. This takes just a little concentration, and if this is interrupted by the presence of combat, etc., the process of growing or ungrowing the wings must begin again.


Ability to drink a cup of the victim's blood, and the victim temporarily acquires the Lacuna of the Vampfurre's choice for three nights. After this, they return to normal, as if nothing was amiss. Only one Lacuna can be inflicted at a time, but this can be done repeatedly, and even from a distance.


Able to be immune specifically only to injury from blades, bludgeons, missile weapons, and falling damage. Being Mistform does not let the vampfurre occupy the same space as walls/furniture/etc. And this does not permit the Vampfurre to pass through cracks.

The Vampfurre appears to be a colorless fog version of themself. They can assume/recover from Mistform in five minutes, during which time, they must concentrate a bit. If this is interrupted by the presence of combat or similar altercation, they must begin again. While in Mistform, they can only be harmed by a mystical artifact.


The Covenant

Vampfurres take pride in having been selected for near-immortality. However, they are not necessarily proud of their original Progenitor, and they consider the identity of their Lineage personal, or secret. Most members of a lineage share the same Lacuna, so, having one's lineage known is a liability.

The Coven, and their traditional epithets, are as follows: Kuyorra the Terrifying, Nuava the Taker, Tauthmyarr the Destroyer, Ghislok the Alone, Svinlok the Hollow, Sharok the Unbound, Kriorn the Master, Gozmeron the Cruel, Shatugar the Betrayer, Aburralon the Sorrowful, Heng the Enemy, Willathry the Cunning, Tamanannu the Eater of Flesh.

All Vampfurres who are Generation 5 or less are eligible for membership in "The Covenant". Vampfurre conduct is overseen by this organization. Its rules (which are also referred to as "The Covenant") are said to have been created by the original Coven.

Rules of The Covenant:

  1. "We protect the secrets of all Vampfurres." Each time a Vampfurres is captured, there is a significant chance that the captors torture the captive into revealing all they know about Vampfurres. Any mortal, other than a Minion, who learns of vampyres, must be killed. This rule normally needs no enforcement because Vampfurres so seldom break it. Vampfurres gaining legitimate power, such as becoming mayor of a village, is forbidden, because it risks exposure. Vampfurres face deadly and potent opposition by Mages and Demifane, and severe prejudice from mortals. If a Vampfurre is revealed for what they are, don't just expect angry mobs with pitchforks and torches- also expect a noble to send an experienced cadre of Mages well-equipped to track and destroy the Undead!
  2. "Mortal rulers do not rule us. We are responsible only unto others of the Covenant." The Covenant is not bent on ruling the mortal world. However, it does want to rule all other Vampfurres, as a matter of self-preservation.
  3. "Mortal laws do not bind us. We encourage mortals to follow them because it is convenient." The Lacunae make it very unlikely that a Vampfurre will ever lead a normal life. Leading a band of thugs or otherwise organizing crime is punishable by execution because it leads to the use of mortals as weapons against other Vampfurres. Leading a band of Vampfurres is acceptable.
  4. "Mortal ways degrade us; we do not follow them." The Covenant does not promote or act to enforce biologically-related mortal customs such birthdays, marriage, inheritance by children, etc. If a Vampfurre is destroyed, their estates become the property of their Progenitor. Traditionally, Progenitors divide this up amongst the deceased's Vampfurre Progeny, but not always.
  5. "The property of one Vampfurre is not to be harmed by another." Elder Vampfurres concern themselves with regulating and recording Territories. Everything within a Vampfurre's Territory except for other Vampfurres is considered their property. That includes game, livestock, mortal Furres, and their own Progeny. Vampfurres do not normally slay mortals out of hand because Mages and QuarterPrimes possess abilities to locate bodies of victims, to view a murder-scene with clairvoyance, to track a murderer, and so forth. Some Vampfurres interfere in mortal lives on the grounds that these are their rightful property but in the Covenant, secrecy is always considered the most important rule.
  6. "Progeny must be made known to the Covenant, and taught these rules." A member of the Covenant can call on assistance from the Covenant to keep control of their own Progeny.

Politics Within the Coven

There really isn't much infighting and intrigue. The Covenant is based on keeping the peace by keeping out of each other's fur. There are too many enemies for the Covenant to be plagued with dissent from within. Those Vampfurres who broke with the Covenant did not last long. Ultimately, their attitude is that survival of Vampfurres always justifies the means, no matter how horrific they may seem to outsiders.

Punishment is meted out with medieval insensitivity and harshness. A Vampfurre caught breaking a Covenant rule seldom gets a trial and often gets a death sentence. Because of this, there are many Vampfurres who choose to have nothing to do with the Covenant. So long as they keep quiet and hidden, the Covenant leaves them alone.

The Covenant is ruled by the Council, ancient Vampfurres who each maintain a household of Vampfurre guards, assassins, spies, mages, soldiers, messengers, and entertainers. As well as being frighteningly competent, the Coven's Council are longtime friends with one another.

Special Evil Way: "Safe Haven"

With this ability, an area can be inscribed with the Unholy Sign. This gives the location a Darkside Alignment and prevents the humiliating paralysis of Day Terror for all within. This Evil Way is only available or known to members of the Covenant.

Special Evil Way: "Primal Youth"

The blood of this Vampfurre restores youth to the aged mortal, making them seem to be age 21. By drinking one unit of this Vampfurre's blood, the mortal is changed. After the drink, they will age normally again. This Evil Way is only available or known to members of the Covenant.

The Redeemers

The Redeemers are the opposing faction of Vampfurres against the Covenant. They believe that whether an action should be considered 'good' or 'evil' is solely dependent on the good and the evil that it does to people. Theft hurts their ability to survive by hindering their ability to cooperate, so theft is 'evil'. Murder is even worse, and is considered the theft of someone else's life.

Preying upon mortals is viewed as natural as mosquito bites or kiwis eating worms. The Lacunae, however, are hateful, and they work hard to overcome them. The goal of the Redeemer is to be somebody that society would deem worthy of a long life, and to use one's powers responsibly, for a common good that includes both mortals and Vampfurres.

The Redeemers and the Covenant have never gotten along. The Redeemers believe far too strongly in a right to self-determination for all sapient beings, a right to accuracy, and a right to live in peace without fear. The Covenant hates the Redeemers for their practice of betraying other Vampfurres who do not live in harmony with mortals.

Originating in ancient Grreece in the Olde World, the "Order of Redeemers" is a very ancient group. It's more of a philosophy or cult than an organization, with no headquarters or central leadership. Their symbol is an owl with its legs chained to the ground, which they sometimes get as a hidden tattoo. The Redeemers do not talk about their Order's strange Ways, so even other Vampfurres would not know about them.

Special Way: Stone of Grace

Bizarre as it sounds, when a Redeemer feels they have lived long enough, they can seek out a Vampfurre with this ability, and have their Essence transferred into a stone. True Sight will show this as an unusual aura around it. This ability is said to have been a gift from Light Prime Ahroth. The stone must weigh about twenty pounds. Once transferred, their Essence is locked there forever. This ritual can only be acquired by being taught by a Redeemer.

"Becoming one with a Stone of Grace" is like entering a pleasant and dreamless sleep. This is known because it is possible to communicate with these ex-Vampfurres. There is a Redeemer legend that someday, should the mortal world be destroyed, the spirits bound in the Stones of Grace will be set free to do good in the next world. If the stone is shattered, however, the Essence is irrevocably lost.

Stones of Grace may be kept in places of peace, such as shrines or the cellar of an abbey, or an obscure mountain cave. Some are anointed and cared for with superstitious respect. Others find their way into quite mundane situations-- buried in some farmer's field, or locked in a trunk in an attic.

Special Way: Stonewhispering

Said to be a gift from the Light Prime Beekin, this is the Way needed to converse with a Stone of Grace. The Essence of a Vampfurre will be awakened from its reverie and can speak with the Stonewhisperer. This ritual can only be acquired by being taught by a Redeemer.

Special Way: Lucid Nightmares

"In your sleep, you are not just the dreamer, you are the dream as well. To triumph here is to gain power over yourself." Although they can not escape the Day Terror's nightmares, members of the Redeemers learn another trick: to retain consciousness while dreaming. They walk amidst their worst fears, calling up fresh images at will as well. The Redeemer's nights are still a trial, but they often awaken with a sense of having somehow conquered their dark natures. After mastering this Way, the Vampfurre is no longer subject to loss of control at one blood unit. This ritual can only be acquired by being taught by a Redeemer.

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