Titles -- These are the Longname conventions of Furcadia.

Title Prefixes and Suffixes

Ti' Of the House (family) of Tiharr "Cousin, relative"
Am' Mate of Amwass "Beloved"
M' Parent (female) is Mai "Mother"
J' Parent (male) is Jai "Father"
Sa' Of the Lineage of Sahakoori "Bearing Blood of"

En' From (region) Ensa "from"

Ay' Worshipper of Ayaaz "believer, devotee of"
Na' Student of Nahaar "student"
Sh' Employee of Shahir "servant"
Lo' Defender of Lohir "guard"

Ix + "was" "formerly"

T' Honorific Teys "Mr." Teysa "Ms." Teyn "Noble"
K' Lord/Lady Kithain "Lord" "Lady"
R' King/Queen Ray "King" Raysa "Queen" Rayin "Ruler"
Manu' For Nobles: the name of the one you Support.

Example: K'Arruna Ti'Kavillaur Am'Sheel Na'Felorin
Lady Arruna of House Kavillaur, Mate of Sheel, Student of Felorin

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