Plushkin Shelf

The Story of Plushikins

Sitting slouched upon a shelf in the eastern reaches of a bamboo forest sits a crumpled Pookie named Soup. The energy that came from being a loved plush, that once made her velveteen fur glow, was fading.

But the Pookie couldn't blame her childhood tanuki friend, Kerin Dustfeather. The now adult tanuki had, like so many others in their town, gotten caught in the snares of day-to-day life and the struggle of survival, with no time to eat, let alone to spend with her old stuffed pal.

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What's happening?

Just like Ja'er, you too can help rescue abandoned plushies! It only takes the magic of a Minkin to breathe life back into them. By befriending a Minkin, you can save a plush from the heartbreaking cold of inanimacy, to becoming a magical, happy Plushikin!

Every month there will be a new Plushikin desctag that you can find on Digo Market. Collect all 12 desctags to earn two exclusive FOR LIFE desctags and a time-limited exclusive avatar FOR LIFE that will not be purchasable for an exclusive time. Only very few players will have this avatar, and it will be tradable, too!

Where do I get Plushikins?

There are different ways to get Plushikins! Here are some of them:

  • Buy the current month's Minkin to collect the plushikin tag on Digo Market. The tag of the month will be placed temporarily on the yearly version of the Minkin. In addition, one item that's on sale every week (four per month) will include a Plushikin tag for the current month.
  • Every month, we will give away 25 Plushikins during a raffle. Every Digo Market order from the previous month is eligible.
  • Plushikins may also be given away at in-game events and at various contests.
  • There will be spontaneous Plushikin giveaways that are randomly announced in an in-game ad (make sure you can see ads!) or through Twitter. The first players who send a whisper will get a Plushikin.
  • Plushikins from previous months may briefly became available again throughout the year (but you can also exchange duplicates, more on this below).

There may also be short windows of time during the month to obtain that month's Plushikin during other select sales, so watch closely!

How long do Plushikin tags last?

The Plushikin tags will last for 1 year.

What is the prize?

You'll get to choose your favorite rescued Plushikin desctag as an exclusive, FOR LIFE forever friend, as well as gain an exclusive, shiny Plushikin rescuer tag, FOR LIFE. In addition, if you have 12 unique Plushikins on the same character, you'll also get a time-limited exclusive avatar FOR LIFE that will initially not be purchasable.

Exchanging duplicates

If you collect at least 3 of the same Plushikin, you can exchange them for 1 Plushikin of your choice. Eligible are only already known Plushikins that were featured in previous months. This can be done at any time by submitting a support ticket or at the end of the event.


  • All 12 tags must be collected on the same character to get the prizes.
  • Multiple tags for exchanging must be on characters of the same Furcadia account.
  • Tags can be redeemed at any time after you have all 12.

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