How To Play Senet

Our Senet game located in Festival of the Sun -- the game of Senet is for two players, so you'll need to find yourself an opponent! To play in Furcadia, you simply walk into the sticks to "toss" them, and you press F3 when you're standing on one of the pieces to move them.

  • Throw the sticks to see how many squares to move your piece forward.
  • If you throw a one, four, or six, you get an extra turn.
  • You can't land on one of your own pieces.
  • The square with the waves on it sends you back to the second row.
  • To make the pieces move you need to press F3, when standing on them -- if nothing happens, it wasn't a legal move.
  • You have to have all your pieces off the top row in order to take a piece off the board.
  • If you land on the other player's piece, you switch places with them. However, you can't switch with them if they have two or more pieces in a row.
  • If the other player has three or more pieces in a row, you can't pass them.
  • Some squares are ‘safe' squares and some are ‘danger' squares. You will learn what they are as you play.
  • The first player to get all of their pieces off the board wins the game!

The board's pieces and board were created by Ellodie, while Zephyr contemplated over 4,500 lines of DragonSpeak to make the game functional. Thanks!

  • Club Nimbus - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Ethereal Glade - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Chateaux de Bellamy - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Allegria Island - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Aveilthe The Red Meadow - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Caribbean Canopy - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Allegria Island - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Earthen Hollow - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Isles of Never - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Abyss - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Mass Effect RP - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Exeo - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Town Meeting - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Exeo - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Rose
  • Sacred Jungle - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Darling: Poppy Field - Furcadia Screenshot
  • Festival of the Sun - Furcadia Screenshot

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