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~~~* SilverSouls Castle is a strict-RP guild with a friendly staff and a great group of players. We don't tolerate OOC drama and we all work to avoid cliques. It is a medieval setting (anything pre-gunpowder is allowed) as well as fantasy, allowing many types of characters and interactions, including humans, furres, dragons and faeries. We have both the castle with all the various jobs, as well as a darker, underground cave system for monsters and villains. We have a wonderful FindRP function that allows you to find and teleport to guaranteed-to-be active RPers and IC scenes, as well as a dynamic, interactive dream that allows you to move items, decorate your own rooms, install your own room descriptions, and random events you can stumble upon at any time! We have an original patch, friendly RPers and staff, rules that are actually enforced to protect players, and a two-tier consent system to allow you to RP at your own comfort zone, keeping you in control of how much you want to trust other players when it comes to your character and their life. We often host events and IC holidays to spin up the mundane, and encourage players to get involved as much or as little as they like, including how much they want to contribute to the community, forums, events, plots, and their own webspace should they want it! *~~~


Official Webpage:

Feel free to leave a message on the bot: SilverSouls|Castle or contact a Taneest with questions:

SSC ~ Exya ~ Kendall|Moore ~ Aolani|Ena ~ Ja|Lacaob ~ Starlight ~ Noye|Kiar


Beyond the valley of silver roses, atop a devil's mountain tomb; Among the heavens where angels fly, lies the castle that is our home. |||~~||| Rules ~ Commands ~ Forums ~ Events ~ New Here? ~~ Hang out and chat, or feel free to jump IC!

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Our basic Rules~

 ~~Read More Here.

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1) Respect, Respect, Respect! OOC will ALWAYS remain respectful.

2) Separate OOC from IC!

3) Using two alts in a single fight is bad juju.

4) Always attempt actions on others, don't use auto-success.

5) Anything can happen... it's freeform.


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