Etla Isle has been around (off and on) since 2001. The setting is high fantasy with a late medieval / early renaissance feel. The island exists in it's own realm/dimension, with the waters surrounding it working as a sort of wormhole to other realms. Thus, individuals from other eras or other realms are commonplace on the island and the technology has advanced through these interactions (within reason). The main dream is Eileadora, the capital city and home of the Queen. The people of the large city play an intricate role, from the lowliest orphan to the nobles of the Court. Players can obtain jobs in varying roles and make contributions to the ongoing story. We pride ourselves on giving players ample opportunity to advance and develop their characters and urge them to weave their own plots into the works.

Etla Isle is an island a little smaller than Ireland. It is found roughly southwest of Kasuria, though it is not part of Furcadia canon. It exists on another plane, if you will, accessable through a magical rift surrounding the island (think bermuda triangle). Etla is a very magic-based place, and the city of Eileadora has managed to capture some of that power and use it to make advancements. The magic boundaries also allow for a wider range of species and classes.

We welcome all species, races, classes (furres, humans, elves, trolls, vampires, lycans, goblins, gremlins, dryads, swamp monsters, fairies, angels, demons...) We do however, try to keep balanced character sheets for all members (main characters and alternates) to keep play somewhat 'fair'. Members may own a home or run a shop, or take up any of a number of other positions throughout the city and are encouraged to add to the story of the city.

As a long-term continuity, we have years of rich back story and content to pull from for future plots. RP style is strict whenever dealing with a main storyline plot, but left to the player's discretion the rest of the time.

For more information on the dream, continuity, rules, etc. please refer to our Forums.

If you'd like to come check out the dream, you can `join Etla Isle.

1. Respect. I expect everyone here to be able to play nicely with others. Even if you have some bad history, find a way to play around each other, or simply ignore each other. Unnecessary drama is something I have little patience for. Being rude or nasty to other players is a surefire way to get yourself banned. This does not mean all characters are expected to be kind to each other, simply that any OOC/player interactions are to be carried out respectfully.

2. OOC & IC Age Requirements. This dream has a 16+ rating. (Furcadia's rating standards can be found here). I would hope anyone entering into any adult type RPs are of legal age and/or have parental consent. If I find out otherwise, it could end badly for one or more parties involved (as this is a Furc rule and can get you banned from the game). As for character age, this is a medieval type setting so characters of a younger age could likely end up in a violent or sexual situation. If an RP becomes too uncomfortable for you as the player, feel free to end it, remove yourself from it or report it to staff if needed.

3. Membership. You must be an approved member of the continuity to be fully recognized by continuity RP. Non-members will most likely not be allowed to affect large plots and members can choose to ignore you during their personal RPs if they feel it may hinder the story later on. This is set up this way to allow for a more seamless flow through major plots and storylines, without having to edit RPs because a random character is missing.

4. Alternate Characters. You may play up to 4 characters at any given time in Eileadora. I prefer that only one 'main' character have property (house, shop), but that all depends on how much available space there is. It is also acceptable to have an OOC character in addition to your IC characters, so long as it remains in the OOC area of the dream.

5. OOC/Idle/AFK. Please try to remain IC whenever in public areas of the map. Keep OOC chat in [brackets] or in whispers, or move to the OOC area. If you idle in a public area, you may find yourself moved to the OOC room by staff. This rule is a little more lax in the daytime when the dream is less busy, but important during peak hours to keep RP and story moving.

6. Consent. Etla has always been fairly open in the past when it comes to allowing players to play in whatever style is most comfortable to them. This time around, I'd like to enforce a more strict-RP style for most main story plots. Regular roleplay and smaller storylines will still be left to the style of the players. The only forms of consent I will stand behind/enforce are permanent character death and 'adult' roleplay. Those are two things I think every player should have some say in.

7. Character Rip-Offs. Don't do it. Have some originality. If you happen to use a name of a character you liked from a book or a movie, that's somewhat understandable, but we will not allow or recognize a completely ripped off character in this continuity.

8. Advancements. Any new species, technological advancement, building ideas, etc. should be presented and approved by staff. Suggestions should be PMed to myself or another staff member at which time we will discuss it on our private boards and decide whether or not to introduce it to the community. Typically the only times something will be denied is if it cannot be effectively worked into the continuity (out of the time period, too far advanced technologically), or if it will conflict with a current or upcoming plot (in which case it may be brought into play at a later date). Most of the rich history of Etla and Eileadora is all player created. I encourage all members to add to the story.

9. NPCs. Since we couldn't possibly have enough of a player base to cover all expected jobs that would exist in a kingdom, obviously a few NPCs will exist, and thus are expected to be recognized. These are typically only controlled by seasoned members of the community or by staff for large-scale plots.

10. Common Sense. If you think you're doing something that could get you banned from the dream.. you're probably right. Seems to me, most of you are (or at least should be) mature and intelligent individuals, so please just utilize a little common sense and we should all be fine.

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