Dream Contest

Dreamers! Patchers, designers, dreamweavers, writers, and DragonSpeak aficionados! This is the contest for you! Get a team together or go solo, as the Dream Contest is the place to showcase your skills! Put together an epic Dream of heroic valor or villainous...villainy? Ahem! This is a time for action, adventure, and TRIUMPH! Show us what you can do, for the chance to be rewarded with a bounty of treasure!

  • The theme for this year is 'Heroes and Villains'.
  • Points are awarded for feelings of adventure and fun!

  • Contestants do not need to make their entries 'summer' themed!

  • Read the Dream Contest Guide and follow the rules and guidelines. Rules and Requirements- read carefully!

  • Only one entry permitted. Masters and Regular categories will be judged separately. Exhibition (non-judged) entries are also accepted!

Master Entries

Title: Pendulum
Project Leader: Intellectual Music
Group Members: Vindor Dyphin


Description: If you have ever wanted to be the hero of a story, we have something for you. How about the villain? Of course that thought has crossed your mind! The choices you make will influence yourself and your team, not to mention the skills in which you will have right at your fingertips. Which side will you choose? Transverse three challenging maps to see who will win in Pendulum. Heroes don\t always have to win do they? Maybe it\s time for the villains to have their chance.

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