Art Contest

And now for something completely different! Artists, we are asking you to compose a 'page' of comics, depicting a Hero or Villain (or both!) furre scene. You can even use the Primes and Dark Primes! You may break this up into multiple block panels, or you may use one large picture.

  • Submission may be in .jpg, .gif, or .png

  • All entries must be digitally drawn.

  • Master entries MUST make a note that they are a master participant in the text field of their submission.

  • Only one entry permitted. Masters and Regular categories will be judged separately. Exhibition (non-judged) entries are also accepted.

  • All images should be optimized for digital display on a webpage--clean edges, and well-contrasted pictures are a plus.

Master Entries

Title: Wasteland
User Name: Firestoem
Description: Our hero ventures out into the sandy wastelands in search of food and materials, avoiding the horrendous creatures that hunt there.

Title: Malice the World Eater
User Name: Telelia
Description: The portal opened, stepping into the cosmos that swirled violently around them, our two 'heroes' emerged: Baulder the Dragon and Telelia. Before them, the Great Sphinx God, an entity who called themselves Malice... "You dare defy Us?" that chilling voice range out, the cosmos seemingly sucked into the behemoth in front of them as laughter rang out. "Of course we do, Outsider!" and with that a roaring battle cry shook the stars themselves.

Regular Entries

Title: Eissie Coldfire
User Name: Western Outlaws
Description: "Whose side is she on anyway?! Will she really have a shoot out with old man Xxysthstris? Or will she decide to stand against Caela and her band of rough necks? Turn the page in issue 14 of Western Outlaws to see who Eissie will side with!"

Title: Crustacean Avenger!
User Name: Myrslok
Description: SAVING SHRIMP! LIBERATING LOBSTER! COMFORTING CRAYFISH! The Crustacean Avenger saves defenseless decapods trapped in grocery stores around the world, and returns them to the sea! Misplaced malacostracans, hold on to your telsons -- this independently produced, carcinologist-approved comic book hits shelves this summer!

Title: Kitterwing Chaos!
User Name: Reman Longtail
Description: In this comic, our fox heroine attempts to rescue some captured Kitterwings from a dark dragon wizard who is using their powers for evil! But when the two of them clash, things quickly go in an unexpected direction...

Title: Super Manatee and Wonder Whiskers!
User Name: Suzy
Description: The citizens is in peril as the evil Lab Rat has successfully wired the city to blow up! Who will save us? Who can we count on when all hope seems lost? It's a large sea mammal! It's a domestic housecat! No, it's Super Manatee and Wonder Whiskers!

Title: The Cookie Conspiracy
User Name: The Shadow Rider
Description: The evil Dead Heartbeat has been stealing cookies! Will she get away with it? Tune in to find out.

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