DragonSpeak Contest

We have a brand new contest for you! Challenging the logical and creative, we present: DragonSpeak Template creation! As you may know, the current editor has a DragonSpeak Wizard that helps dreamweavers see how you can string DS together to make cool things happen and lets them plug it into their own scripts. Your challenge is to create one block of DragonSpeak that is useful or interesting and explain how it works so others can learn from it. The DS should be able to be plugged into the template system like the examples already there. Ideal candidates should require very little input from the Dream owner. Make it clever, creative and useful for extra points!

  • Submissions must be well commented, otherwise they will be disqualified.

  • Using default patches only isn't required, but it makes your template even more portable.

  • If map changes are needed (such as adding regions) make sure to note that.

  • Note any potential conflicts, such as timer numbers, and make sure to use descriptive, unique variable names.

  • Submissions must be a viable block of DS and work when plugged in to other scripts.

  • Submissions must be your own original work.

  • Some submissions may be added to the DS editor for everyone to use.

Title: Random Object Generation

User Name: Ampoule


***By Ampoule***

***Bump object, recieve different, randomly generated object.

***Requires one unwalkable object to bump into, a handful of walkable/gettable objects, and a 1-tile region for the objects to appear in.

******In this case, we're asking Cthulhu for a pillow.

*Bump into Cthulhu (or other unwalkable object of your choice)

(0:3) When somebody moves into object type 262,

*Objects 5 thru 32 are the default pillows.

*You can change these numbers to whatever you want, just be sure that the array of numbers you choose contain the objects you want generated!

*When Cthulhu is disturbed, he will spit out a random pillow into the specified region.

(3:30) in region 2,

(5:13) place a random object type between 5 and 32.

*If you leave the pillow there and keep bumping into Cthulhu, the pillow will change! This way you can cycle through until you get one you like.

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