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Our dream is a highly populated, friendly modern high fantasy RP community and also has one of the only World Packages for LIFE in Furcadia! New Versailles is the place to be if you want a great pool of roleplayers to interact with at any time of the day or night. With a map originally by the Mint Mink, we are also creating exciting new patchwork and areas to be released soon - including member rental housing, a bayou with an abandoned conservatory, a monastery overrun by vampires, a haunted forest, and SO much more! Themes will run from the magical to the mundane in a city setting. Angels, demons, weres/shifters, and faeries from seelie to unseelie to solitary are all commonplace. They must make ends meet and hide their presence from the human population from NV, making for some exciting conflict! Our OOC services include serveral Pounce Package "subgroups" - completely complimentary desctags and chat channels will allow you to show off your affiliation and find others interested in the same kind of RP. By RPing on our map, you agree to abide by our continuity and rules, and to respect the staff and your fellow community members. These rules include, but are not limited to, the reinforcement of a human continuity and that all players must be 18+ OOC/16+ IC.

Note: We are currently in beta development and the following information is subject to change.

New Versailles is a modern city map. The time period is the present day, and it is absolutely important to note that it is a human city. There are supernatural creatures left and right, ranging from faeries, to demons, to vampires et alia, of course, but these creatures are generally trying to keep their existence under wraps to prevent mass panic. Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule, and some revel in the chaos, but the point to take away is that New Versailles does not have anthro characters who are mundane in origin.

More information about our continuity can be found on our RPR Group:

NV is an adult-oriented RP dream, and the following are rules that every member of NV should be aware of.

Rules updated as of 12/19/14

1) Age requirements (IC and OOC) – Being that our dream is located in FurN and carries with it heavy adult themes, all characters ICly must be (in actuality and appearance) 16 years of age or older. If you are found RPing a character that appears to be younger than sixteen, or looks grossly younger than the minimum age, you may be asked to adjust your character accordingly to avoid further action.

2) Alts – NV welcomes people to play and use their alts within the dream, but we’d like to remind everyone that having (3) mains is usually a good rule of thumb if you find yourself drowning in too many alts.

3) God-moding and abuse of power – God-moding is not allowed anywhere within NV, and we encourage everyone to remember that there is always someone more powerful than your character! Even for those supernatural types who run certain parts of the city, there are checks and balances in place that ensure one person can’t sweep through the city and destroy everything unless we implement that in our continuity. We do not allow the abuse of power on our map; your character can be strong and powerful, but remember that even Superman has a weakness. God-moding outside of NPCs brought in to swiftly handle an out of control situation will be asked to adjust their character accordingly by staff, and continued God-moding will result in disciplinary action.

4) Character Creation – We do not have an application system in place, as we have a fairly laid back approach to character generation and continuity. That said, the following things require the approval of either Cliona or Liam Morek directly: Gods, Powerful demons, Vampires of 3rd generation or less (closer to the progenitor), High Court Faeries (ranking above Prince/Princess), New species/races not from existing mythology which may clash with our canon/continuity. Canon characters of any kind are not allowed. Please do not inquire. (Only a select few canon characters predate this rule because they joined when NV was still in beta.)

5) Continuity, setting and backstory - NV is a modern day city with a tech level equivalent to what is available in our real world. It is located geographically on the Mississippi river in Lousiana, USA. The city has somewhat of a New Orleans feel to it and was similarly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Real world influences from the environment and politics have impacted NV and can come into play. Our setting is a strictly human-oriented continuity, and furres/furries/anthros do not exist outside of the supernatural. If your character has ears/a tail/etc. you will be expected to have an explanation beyond simple aesthetics (for example, your character may be a werewolf or a shapeshifter - totally acceptable). Be cognizant that supernaturals in NV are often actively trying to hide what they truly are!

6) OOC Room expectations – Our OOC room is for members of NV and those looking to become members, and is a relaxation place for RPers. We all know we get a little stupid and wild in OOC, but there's a fine line between funny and playful and just plain hurtful. We don't tolerate negative obnoxiousness to the point that it becomes toxic and makes our other members uncomfortable. Please keep in mind that when you're talking in the OOC room, you're talking in a public environment and should be respectful to our other players - if you aren't sure if it should be said, it probably shouldn't and should be kept in whispers.

  • Be respectful.
  • No racial or sexist slurs, degrading insults or other forms of harassment are permitted.
  • No obnoxiousness that degrades into purely childish spiteful chatter – i.e. not allowing other people to talk in the OOC room because you keep repeating everything they say, or turning everything someone says into a sexual slur or joke. Sometimes it’s funny, most times it’s not.
  • We are a strict RP dream – this means that unless you RP in our dream and are part of our community and group, we do not want you to disrupt the balance of our OOC room with spam and idle chatter. This is not an open room for random people who don’t know anything about NV – this is a safe relaxing environment intended ONLY for our RPers or potential members, and is a place for everyone to get to know each other better.
  • Tag anything potentially NSFW as such when sharing links. Anything that may not be appropriate for work or mixed company needs to be labeled. We're all adults, but we still have to use discretion at the computer in case someone else is looking!

6) Spam (IC and OOC), abuse and harassment – Do not spam. Period. Anything less than four lines of a post repeated at constant intervals is considered spam. Do not spam our OOC room, this includes scrolling the screen by saying one word at a time of an entire sentence. Do not spam others in whispers who do not want to be spammed.

7) We have a strict no-bully policy. We’re all adults here and we treat each other how we’d want to be treated.
Do not harass other players within our dream, and do not harass staff. If you are not sure what constitutes harassment, please refer to the following definition:

  • to trouble, torment, or confuse by continual persistent attacks, questions, etc. Disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly, especially after being asked to stop.

If you find yourself being harassed, please place the offender on Ignore and alert staff to the situation, providing any logs where possible. If the situation escalates (the person uses an alt to continue harassment) please use the Silence Rule and contact a guardian as well as making staff aware of the situation. It is up to you to effectively use the ignore command and silence rule and to contact the guardians. If the person harassing you is doing it in the main window outside of whispers, please contact staff immediately.

8) Consent – We operate under the consent rule, even if many of our staff members fall into the No Consent category. Regardless of whether someone claims to be No Consent or not, courtesy and consideration toward your fellow RPers is encouraged. If you don’t want your character to participate in certain situations or scenes, it is up to you, the owner of the character, to break it off and remove yourself from the situation. If you respond to anything IC, please be aware that doing so equates to giving consent to participate. Please be courteous and remember that the best way to avoid uncomfortable situations is for both parties to whisper each other and agree upon terms of RP.

9) Sexually explicit RP and Violent RP – Sexually explicit RP must be done behind closed and locked doors on the NV map. We do not allow public sex RPs and you will be contacted by staff if you’re found to be doing so.

10) Violent RP happens a lot in NV – blood is spilled on a daily basis. Violence based RP on the map in general is acceptable, but please be aware of others RPing around you and be courteous.

11) Uploading your dream – Dream upload pads are located in Hatchet, and are located there for members to upload their own homes, mansions, manors, forest areas, etc. We do not allow the uploading of other cities or groups of establishments. Note: Empty dreams may be unloaded to clear portal space.

12) AFKing – AFKing or idling in the dream is acceptable, however if you are found to be blocking things or disrupting an RP by being in the way, you will be moved to the bottomless black pit.

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