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Join us on a journey of the mind to the City of Eternal Sky, a civilization in the dimension of the Dragons. Â What if the Dragons were more than a mere tale of fantasy? Â What if they once walked the Earth, only to disappear from the realm of the physical? Â The Dragons of Eternal Sky: a fantastic tale, a friendly community, and a challenging game, all in one dream. Visit today! furc://ninja Also be sure to listen to our broadcast channel: =eternalsky

The Dragons of Eternal Sky is a dual role-play and social dream by Ninja loaded in Imaginarium near Key Hall, featuring an elaborate storyline, state-of-the-art dreamweaving, and a challenging story mode game for players to enjoy.

The Dragons of Eternal Sky is a part of the Balance's Bridge continuity, of which Albino Wasp's Rejoin is also a part.

Grand Opening for the dream is estimated at the end of summer, 2014.


  • Most competitive player:Â Nobody
  • Highest-scoring story-mode player:Â Nobody
  • Role-player of the month:Â Nobody
  • Advisor of the month:Â Nobody

The Strategy Game

The Dragons of Eternal Sky is set in the 1400s on an alternate Earth where Dragons, at the height of their power, ruled the skies and inspired both awe and fear in the creatures below. Â You can play as a Dragon or as a Human during these dark times with war on the imminent horizon. Â Will the Humans reclaim their home? Â Will the Dragons maintain their civilization? Â Or is there something more sinister at play?

Gameplay is turn-based and team-based, with each team taking turns moving about the game board and battling enemy forces with weapons, skills, and strategy. Â Some missions require total elimination, others have more specific goals. Â Players may challenge other players or NPC teams.

Community Cascade

The landing area of the dream serves as our community social area, which we call the Community Cascade. Â This is our designated out-of-character (OOC) area. Â Feel free to socialize, meet new people, and commingle! Â Starting after our Grand Opening, we will hold Social Night every Saturday night, with prizes, contests, and a bonus player-versus-player match. Â Don't miss out!

Want to help out?

Contact Ninja in-game if you feel up to the task of helping The Dragons of Eternal Sky to grow as a dream.  If you would like to run for an elected position, please submit your candidacy no later than 11 July 2014.  Details will be posted closer to the deadline.

Development Positions Needed

  • Patch artist
  • Level designer

Community Positions Needed

  • Elected moderator (to be filled after the Grand Opening)


Amesbury, England. Â 1413.

The chilling winter rain struck what appeared to be a young man in his late twenties, shoulder-length light-brown hair flowing behind him in the moderate winds. Â He had donned a maroon short-sleeved doublet with gold trim over black linens and hose; he had forsaken his houppelande in favor of convenience and out of wariness of the weather. Â The scowl on the man's old-eyed but young-looking face betrayed the fact that he was clearly not fond of the rain.

The odd man scanned the skies expectantly, and a long, deep roar erupted from above and behind him. Â The man turned on the spot, looking up in the direction of the sound, and found the source: a sandy-brown Dragon, roughly thirty feet long with a wingspan of just over fifty, glided in a downward spiral toward the man.

The man showed no fear. Â No, in fact, it seemed he was expecting this. Â He waited patiently as the massive Dragon landed coiled in a semi-circle around him, barely even flinching as the landing shook the ground underneath his feet. Â Instead, he fidgeted with the gold ring on his left middle finger.

Lord Friar, the man thought toward the Dragon, who had turned its neck to face him, blowing a short stream of smoke from his nostrils.

Lord Peacekeeper, a booming voice echoed in the man's head. Â The Dragon blinked.

You should shift, the Lord Peacekeeper began, for it isn't safe here.

The Lord Friar snorted, another burst of smoke leaving his nostrils. Â Show a little pride in your race, Stormbringer.

The Lord Architect is gone, firemaster.

The Dragon froze, his expression turning first to incredulity, then to rage. Â He arched his head back and let out a fiery roar skyward.

Shh--they'll know we're here! the strange man thought.  None of this makes sense.  Every day I hear of our brethren falling at the hands of humanity, frozen by weapons that cannot be.  We are at war, firemaster.

The Lord Friar's face made an approximation of a scowl. Â With the humans? Â That's not war, it's sport--

Don't be so arrogant. Â They have their hands on technology hundreds of years beyond--

The Lord Friar knocked Stormbringer aside with a sweep of his tail, hurling him several meters away as a piercing beam of light from behind the duo struck the Friar's tail exactly where the Peacekeeper once stood. Â The massive Dragon howled in pain, the point of impact freezing in a veinous pattern up and down his tail.

A winded Stormbringer gasped, moving haphazardly to his feet and surveying the direction the beam came from.

Two dozen mounted human soldiers in armor, less than a half mile away, were riding in a wedge toward the duo yelling cacophonously, the soldier on the far right of the formation handling a small glowing contraption with some kind of liquid inside. Â The contraption-holding soldier pointed the device at the Lord Friar just as the mud-colored dragon let loose a stream of fire in the direction of the soldiers.

The soldiers split ranks, most evading the fire, but the one closest to the center was unlucky enough to be grazed by the stream of plasma, which knocked the rider off his horse.

The contraption-holding soldier aimed the device again, this time at Stormbringer, and fired.

All Stormbringer saw was a flash of light, and then...

★ ★ ★

Stormbringer awoke with a start, surrounded by a dense bioluminescent forest, directly before him the still water of a large lake. Â Peering at his reflection, he let out a sigh, which came out as more of a growl than anything. Â In his reflection were a pair of ruby eyes, a set of ebony horns, and a reptilian face covered in anthracite-like scales.

Just a bad dream, he thought, and he rested his head once more at the edge of the water, drifting into the land of the dreaming.

The City of Eternal Sky welcomes anyone and everyone who wishes to be a part of our game and community, provided they agree to our simple and minimal rules.

We don't believe in long lists of rules or restrictions -- that doesn't encourage a community to grow. Â But keep in mind that the privilege of entering the realm of the Dragons is conditional upon three short rules:

  1. Use (un)common sense.
    • If an idea makes you cackle for more than two seconds, you probably shouldn't do it.
    • Try to uphold a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. Â Avoid elitism and hostility.
    • Avoid doing things that disrupt the flow of the game or role-play.
  2. Treat people how they wish to be treated.
    • Be nice to others because it's the right thing to do.
    • Take disputes outside of the dream, preferably to whispers.
    • Try to use constructive criticism instead of accusations and attacks.
  3. Have fun!
    • Enjoy the game and roleplay! Â They're there for you, the community.
    • If you're not having fun, we're doing something wrong.
    • Tell the Dragonlord Council how we can make things more fun!

The preceding three rules apply to all visitors to the dream. Â Members of the dream are additionally expected to honor any resolution passed by the Dragonlord Council as if they are rules.

If you have any questions, or if you have a dispute with a member that cannot be resolved through your own actions, please contact the Dragonlord Council (see the Dream tab for details).

Dragonlord Council

The Dragons of Eternal Sky is run by a team of eight enthusiastic individuals committed to maintaining our community of fun.  This team is called the Dragonlord Council.  All members of the Dragonlord Council are considered dream staff.

The Dragonlord Council, which resembles the actual Privy Council from the storyline, is different from the way most dreams are run in that a portion of its members are elected.  Elected councilors serve for six months.

To be eligible to be elected to the Dragonlord Council, you must be a current member in good standing, and must have the approval of at least one councilor to run for a seat. Â The winner of the plurality of votes is elected.

The membership consists of:

  • Ardetus - the council chairman
    His duties are: to open, close, and schedule meetings of the Dragonlord Council; to direct the storyline; to direct the development of the dream's game; and to act as final authority on role-play.
  • Vexel - appointed councilor
    Her duties are: to direct dream artwork and to direct species development.
  • Remiie - appointed councilor
    Her duties are: to develop dream artwork and to advise on dream layout.
  • Folf - appointed councilor
    His duties are: to advise on technical matters.
  • Madam - appointed councilor
    Her duties are: to develop dream artwork and to advise on dream layout.
  • (open seat) - elected councilor at-large
  • (open seat) - elected councilor at-large
  • (open seat) - elected councilor at-large

Special Advisors

Special advisors to Eternal Sky are afforded the privileges and responsibilities of dream staff, but are not on the Dragonlord Council.  They advise the Dragonlord Council on various issues, and are often authorized to carry out the resolutions of the Council.  Special advisors can be appointed by the Dragonlord Council for any length of time.

Current special advisors:

  • Althia - creator of Rejoin
    Her duties are: to advise on Rejoin storyline as it applies to Eternal Sky; to co-advise with Ardetus on the entire continuity's storyline (Balance's Bridge); and to promote ties between members of Eternal Sky and Albino Wasp.


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