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Durmstrang Institute

Far to the north, within the regions of snowy mountains, lies a castle hidden within the valley. Its location cannot be traced by muggle nor by magic.The happenings within and misuse of magic cannot be detected by law. Winter will never pass, and the climate will never be above freezing. The sun and its warmth are but a distant memory, fading into the darkness that is this place.To be able to defeat something, you must understand it. The school of magic specializes in the Dark Arts, no other place dare to expose the world’s youth to such knowledge for fear of them becoming lost to it. Rumors fly about this place, from ear to ear you can all hear them chattering as they talk about the unexplained events, the deaths, and the horrible conditions of the school. This is Durmstrang Institute. Abandon all hope, ye who enter.

Durmstrang Institute was founded back in 2001. Our dream has many beautiful outdoor areas, classrooms, dormitories and other various castle settings.

Like many, I adored the Harry Potter series and wanted to live in the world that J.K. Rowling created. At the time there was an overabundance of Hogwarts dreams to choose from. Literally, you couldn’t go through AI without falling into one. Myself and a close group of friends were none too thrilled about what the various Hogwarts dreams had to offer and wanted to seize the opportunity to create something of our own. We created Durmstrang.

Durmstrang Institute has experienced tremendous growth over the years. We are an exceptional dream that gives members a large platform to express their creativity. Rowling has built an amazing universe, but we learned early on that we cannot always stay true to the universe and have role play remain fresh and interesting. We have had to tweak and build upon that universe in order to continue to maintain plot driven material that is new and exciting for all members. So once you begin to look more through our wiki or participate in the dream, you're bound to notice a few things different than what's in the books. One example is that we use a different location than what's stated in the books.

Don't worry though, there won't be too many surprises and if you're a lover of the series, then I can promise you will love our dream!

Durmstrang Institute has now been opened for three years. Prior, the school was shut down for nearly 10 years while the Ministry attempted to solve the mysterious disappearance of both staff and students. To this day, the whereabouts of the missing are still unknown.

Last year Durmstrang hit a spike in murders which were thought to have been caused by a creature in the woods. That combined with the tragedy that took place at Hogwarts, killing nearly all the students and staff, the Germany Ministry sent agents to stand guard over Durmstrang. Clyde Faust, a German auror, resides as headmaster and controls the Ministry agents that reside at Durmstrang.

Since its destruction last Halloween, Hogwarts has still not been rebuilt. As result, many new students have enrolled in Durmstrang. Despite Durmstrang’s reputation, parents felt safer sending their children to a school that is under Ministry protection.

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