Registered Groups

Anyone can create a Registered Group for FREE to help your Group grow!

What advantages do you get for becoming registered?

You will get a webpage specifically for your Group. On the page you will be able to write what your Group is about, tell members how to join, assign leaders for your Group, manage your members, and get an automated list of everyone in the group! To help you get new members, your page will be included in a list of Groups that anyone can search for on the web! In Furcadia, your Rah (main leader) and Taneests (two secondary leaders) will have crown tags in their descriptions to show that they run a group.

Can you upgrade to a Group Package?

At any point you can purchase a Group Package and upgrade with all the features that come with that package. The features vary by package and include things like better webpages, chat channels, saved dream upload spots, free advertising, lots of dream features, and custom desctags for group members. Your webpage will automatically get the new features that go with the Group level when you upgrade. If at any time you stop paying for the Group Package, your group will automatically downgrade back to a Registered Group so that you do not lose your information.

If I have a Group Package, do I need to register?

Nope! The registering is done automatically for you if you own any of the Group Packages. If you ever stop paying for your Group Package it will automatically downgrade you to a Registered Group. You will not need to fill out the Registered Group form.

Do I need a Dream to register or buy a Group?

You do not need to have a Dream to have a Group! In fact, the Pounce Group Package can be set up as a "friends" Group. So if you just have a group of friends that hang out in a main map or private dream, you can start a Group for them! You can do this as a Registered Group as well.

How do you register?

Registering a Group is simple. First, make sure you have a Furcadia Account. Just go to this page and fill out the information there. You will need to decide who is the Rah of your Group. Dragon's Eye Productions, the company that runs Furcadia, only works with one person per Group, so you must choose a leader. You will also choose two people to be your Taneests(as) on the webpage once the Group is formed.

Besides the Leader, you will need to choose 5 Founding Members. These people cannot be alternate characters (alts) in your account, nor can any two come from the same account and they must have made an account already. They will get an email invitation sent to their account email which will tell them how to agree to becoming a Founding Member. Each character can only be a Founding Member of one Group at a time. If someone refuses, you can pick another person. After 5 people have agreed to become Founding Members by clicking the invitation link, you become a Registered Group! Congratulations!

I've been asked to be a Founding Member for a Registered Group, what do I do?

Each Registered Group requires that 5 people to agree to be Founders. If you received an email or a Rah asked you in game, you will need to go to the link provided and accept or decline. If you do not do this within two weeks, the group will need to start over in applying for registration, so please do choose quickly! It is important to note that you can only be a Founding Member in one Group per character at a time. Once you agree, you will not be able to found another group with that character for at least 3 months. You will have to leave the Group to be able to help Found another. However, your character will still have the ability to become a Rah of another Group. This means that your character can be both a Founding Member for one Group, and a Rah for another Group. This is true for all the characters on your Account.

Can a Registered Group be dissolved?

The Rah of a Registered Group can choose to shut the group down or, if the group becomes inactive for a period of time, it may automatically be cleared. If either of these things happen, all flags associated with the Group will be dissolved. This means that Rah and Taneest tags will go away, as will the webpage and member list. The Founding Members and Rah will be able to freely found other Groups again.

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