Silver Sponsorship

Want to support Furcadia monthly and also get a bunch of cool extras?

For just $5.00 a month (Yes, you read that correctly, only FIVE dollars - that's less than a latte at your favorite cafe!), you can become a Sponsor of Furcadia and get some awesome exclusive in-game perks!! Read on to see the full list of what it means to be a Silver Sponsor!

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Gold Sponsorship

So, you like having the perks from Silver Sponsorship so much that you want them for all your other characters on your account?

Now you can support Furcadia even more with Gold Sponsorship, for only $10.00 a month! With 30 free characters per account with Gold Sponsorship, this is $140 worth of savings... and overall it's less than you might spend to eat out at your favorite fast food restaurant once a month! Keep reading for details about being a Gold Sponsor!

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