Silver Sponsorship

Want to support Furcadia monthly and also get a bunch of cool extras?

For just $5.00 a month (Yes, you read that correctly, only FIVE dollars - that's less than a latte at your favorite cafe!), you can become a Sponsor of Furcadia and get some awesome exclusive in-game perks!! Read on to see the full list of what it means to be a Silver Sponsor!

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Sponsorship Perks:

  • Wear your special desctag in your description

  • Change your color/Species while online! Use Furred, click Save Changes, and you'll see yourself instantly change in Furcadia - and so will everyone around you!

  • Use a free portrait space as long as you remain a sponsor - this is a special kind of portrait space that allows you to replace the art in it with new art once a month!

  • Use four local species in your Dreams, instead of just two

  • Cuddle with other players

  • Get monthly desctag goodies that you can eat, throw, and share with all your friends

  • Use the `noendurance command to allow you - or anyone you nominate - to perform as many actions as you like in your own dream, and never get the "your throat is tired" message!

  • See who's emitting and ejecting within your own Dreams

  • Transfer all your Digos to another character for a $5 transfer fee

  • Transfer all your portraits to another character for a $5 transfer fee

  • Transfer both of the above to another character for a single $5 transfer fee

  • Clear your portrait spaces, and upload new portraits to your character for a $5 fee

  • Enjoy having 20 'free' characters on your account, rather than the regular 10! You can also have an unlimited number of characters with Digo items (not desctags) valued $9.99 or more.

  • Preview new Furcadia features! Some of the new features added to the game will initially be available only to Sponsors while we try them out. (After that, they become available to everyone.)
  • Connect to our special Second Dreaming Test World! Chat about the new stuff, report bugs, make suggestions, and see everything first before it's released to the general public!

  • Access the special Silver Sponsor forums, where you can view secret discussions, and preview new features before everyone else!
  • Upload dreams to Silver Sponsorship Upload Pads available at the most popular parts of public areas of Furcadia!

  • Make your Dream stand out with the special Silver Sponsorship dream portal

  • Use the Sponsors Showcase in the popular, high-traffic main hall in AI which contains upload pads for the exclusive use of our Sponsors to present their creations!

  • Access listen-only "channels" where Furcadia creators Felorin, Emmie, and Talz often entertain and talk about whatever is on their minds at the moment. Stray thoughts, interesting facts, web page links, quotes, jokes, anecdotes about what they've been up to lately, ideas about the future of Furcadia, and more, for your listening pleasure!

  • Access special exclusive meetings with the Furcadia Creators

  • When using PhoenixSpeak in their dreams, you'll be able to memorize up to 64kb of facts about 200 players - far more than the default 10kb (about 50 players).

  • Keep your Dream data even after you unload your Dream, because your PhoenixSpeak storage will not be cleared after thirty days of not being used!

  • Above all, you get the proud and good feelings of having supported your Furcadia community!

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