• Applying for additional groups

    Applying for an additional Beekin Group

    Some things to remember when you're applying for an additional group:

    Please only apply for a another group if you have enough time. It is generally better to dedicate your time to just one group and contribute to it, instead of spreading yourself too thin. There are no benefits for belonging to more than one group.

    You can only apply for an additional group if you had your first group's badge for at least 90 days (three months). The date that matters is when you received your final badge, not when you gained access to the Beekin Aerie.

    You can only be in three application-based groups total (either different characters in the groups, or the same character for all). Invite only groups do not count towards your total limit of groups. If you wish to drop a group and apply for another one, you must notify the Group Heads of the group that you wish to resign from before you apply for another one. Make sure that your resignation has been processed before applying.

    Even though you are already a Beekin, applying for an additional group does not give you an advantage over furres who apply for the first time. You still must fill out both forms. Do not assume that we still have your answers from the first time you applied for a group.

    The Group Heads of the additional group that you apply for may check with the Group Heads of the group that you are already part of to see if you have been actively contributing to your current group. Again, please only apply for an additional group if you have time.

  • Beekin Council

    The Beekin Council

    The Beekin Council is a board of appointed players who are responsible for the development, structure, and upkeep of the Volunteer Help Program for Furcadia.

    The Council is made up of the Furcadia Associates, the heads of each group of helpers, and some assistants. They work together to train new Helpers, manage current ones and run the different community programs and special projects.

    The Beekin Council Associates

    Emerald Flame Volunteer Coordinator Advisor
    Gar Beta Artwork Masons/Pixels
    Cironir Beekin Administrator Guardians/Helpers/Teachers
    Kashi Commodore System Administrator
    James Art Director Pixels/Masons/Scribes
    Glaciess Eventers/Scribes
    Icesis Helpers
    Rat the Unloved Pixels
    Kitasu Bugge Hunters
    Dream Dancer Bugge Hunters
    Kufky Welcomers/Eventers
    Tenjin Scribes
    Degu Pixels
    Pouncer Kitty

    The Beekin Council Members

    In Charge of Groups and Other Admin Duties

    Cironir Cironir






    Dream Masons
    Dream Pixels









    Rat the Unloved




    Bugge Hunters

    Dream Dancer











    Automated list of all Beekin Volunteers

    Denotes the Associate In Charge of the specific group.
    Denotes the Group Head of the specific group.

    (Please do not ask to be on the Council, these players are chosen from the Beekin groups for their exemplary work and ability to work with others.)

  • Beekins


    Beekin waves his paw at you, "Hi, I'm Beekin the Help Dragon!"

    "I am the Prime in charge of helping players with many questions or troubles they have in Furcadia." Beekin smiles, "I can't do that all myself, so I invite knowledgeable players to help me out. These furres are called Beekin Volunteers. They are volunteer helpers -- furres just like all others -- who give a bit of their time to help other members of our Furcadian community. We started the Beekin Volunteer Program to give everyone an opportunity to help others, show off what they can do, and learn a bit along the way. You obtain training and experience that will help you in your real life, as well as in Furcadia. Beekin volunteers receive a badge so that others know who has completed the training program, and they have access to game commands that make helping easier."

    Beekin looks serious for a moment, "It's important to note that you are not compensated in any other way. Your rewards are the chance to help -- the training and the good feeling you get knowing you are making your community a better place. We want helpers with positive attitudes that give Furcadia an air of friendliness. If that's not right for you, we suggest you do not fill out an application. Make sure you read the volunteer agreement before you go any further, as well. We do not ask you to work any particular hours or times, it's up to you to decide when you are feeling like helping. If you are still interested, read on!"

    Beekin sits down, wrapping his purple spiked tail around himself, "There are a lot of ways to help in the program, and some groups require more or less experience and knowledge. You can read about them to decide which is the best for you."

    Beekin smiles, "We have hundreds of Beekin volunteers, but there's always room for more. So if you are interested, read up some more, make sure you have the knowledge, experience, temperament, and time in game -- and check out the applications!"

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