entry codes

  • Entry Codes Tutorial 1: Giving a special entrance

    Tutorial 1: Giving your players a special entrance

    One example usage of entry codes would be toprovide a special place for any players toarrive. You cangive them a particular Furcadia DreamURL with a specific entry-code to let them get there.

  • Entry Codes Tutorial 2: Setting up access levels

    Tutorial 2: Setting up access levels for staff

    You can use entry codes to set up simplestaff access levels! After all, being a Rah of your own Dream can be tiring -- this way you can make sure only the people you trust and who have been proven to be responsible will have certain abilities. These extra awesome people we will call our Senior Staff. The newer staff we have will be Junior Staff: we want them to have some special abilities, but maybe notallof them. They need to earn their rank after all!

    To do this, we need to make sure only certain people will be able to use special commands, even if they are all staff members. For this example we'll give all our staff members, both junior and senior, the ability to make an announcement, but then restrict one other command to only more senior staff: turning on and off the ability for visitors to use swear words.

  • Entry Codes: DragonSpeak Lines

    DragonSpeak Lines

    All of the DragonSpeak lines related to entry codes are listed here:

  • Entry Codes: How are they assigned?

    How are entry codes assigned?

    As the name implies, a player’s entry code is assigned upon their entry into the Dream, however, it is important to emphasize that entry codeshave no relation with theentry method DS lines shown below:

      (1:91) and their entry method was # (One=Dream portal, Two=summoned in, Three=Dream url),
    (1:191) and their entry method was not # (One=Dream portal, Two=summoned in, Three=Dream url),

    By default,a player’s entry code is automatically assigned the value 0 irrespective of their method of entry into the Dream.

    There is anexceptionto this, however: players can access a Dream through its Furcadia DreamURL with any desired entry code appended at the end, and then they will have that entry code assigned to themselves.

    Here is an example:


    If someone types out that URL with the /42 at the end and clicks on it, that player willgive themselves the entry code 42. In other words, this means it is possible for any player toassign themselves an entry code of their choosing without restrictions.

  • Entry Codes: Intro

    Entry Codes

    In DragonSpeak, anentry code is a number that is automatically assigned to every player that arrives in a Dream, which is where the termentry comes from. This means that thisparticular number will bedirectly associated with a player, establishing a clear distinction between an entry code and a variable (mentioned above), which has a value that is non-player-specific.

    The value of a player's entry code istemporaryandonly exists so long as that person is still in the Dream. In other words, the entry code information for that player is lost once that player departs from the Dream, making the value of entry codes non-persistent.

  • Entry Codes: Summary


    To summarize, entry codes:

    • are specific to individual players, but are lost for that player once they leave the Dream
    • support integers (without decimal point) ranging from -32768 to 32767
    • can be self-assigned by a player through the use of a Furcadia DreamURL (supporting only positive integers)
    • can be assigned to a player that is already in the Dream through the use of the (5:316) DragonSpeak line (which support both positive and negative integers)
  • Entry Codes: The Limits

    The Limits

    Entry codes support the use of integers ranging from-32768to 32767 as their value. Negative numbers can only be given to a player through the use of the(5:316) DragonSpeak line.

    Note, however, thatnegative numbers cannot be assigned to entry codes through a Furcadia DreamURL. Any attempts to do so will result in the- symbol being ignored and the arriving player being assigned the positive counterpart of the number as their entry code instead.

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