Substituting the furre name field dynamically

Naturally, you can also use this concept with Furre Name fields of DS that deal with the character table, too!

Tutorial 9: Player PS checker

The default PS maintenance commands can sometimes be intimidating for Dream owners to use, and more importantly, many people might prefer to only give certain people in their Dream the ability to view PS data, without giving them PS access to all of your Dreams. In this situation, there's actually a way to mimic the ps get maintenance command by, instead, using total substitution in the DS lines.

Total substitution is similar to partial substitution, except it gives complete dynamic control over data to manipulate it, without needing any hard coded prefixes or suffixes. The following example gives a simple demonstration of what total substitution is capable of.

Let's say you need an easy-to-remember and quick way to retrieve the values of PhoenixSpeak entries that belong to certain players in particular. You can do this easily through the following command:

(0:32) When someone says something with {@FurrePS } in it,

(5:614) remember the PhoenixSpeak info {[PARAM2]} about the furre named {[PARAM1]}, and put it in message ~FurrePS.

(5:200) emit message {The PhoenixSpeak Entry '[PARAM2]' belonging to the furre named '[PARAM1]' has the following value in it: ~FurrePS} to the triggering furre.

For example, if a player named Joey within our Dream had a PhoenixSpeak entry named nickname attached to them, with the value Sneaky One in it, we could easily use the @FurrePS command like so:

@FurrePS Joey nickname

And the trigger would emit the following string of text to us:

The PhoenixSpeak Entry ‘nickname’ belonging to the furre named ‘Joey’ has the following value in it: Sneaky One

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