FAQ about Wrapping Paper:

Q: Does Wrapping Paper expire?

A: No, it does not expire as long as your Character exists. Note that it will not prevent inactive characters from expiring.

Q: Does the timer for expiring Digos stop when they are wrapped?

A: Only if you are using the <date> parameter. If the box is locked for 7 days when you give it to someone, the Digo's timer is extended by 7 days. The timer will start again after 7 days, even if the box is not opened.

Q: Do I have to confirm before the gift is wrapped and delivered?

A: Yes, the game will show you exactly what is about to happen and you'll have to press the confirmation button before any action takes place.

Q: What happens if the recipient already has the same item that I've given him?

A: If it is a yearly item, it will be added to the recipient's character. Yearly items stack, so it will not become active until the existing yearly item has expired. If it is a for life Digo and the recipient already has a for life Digo of the same kind, they will be told that they already own this item and asked for an alternative recipient.

Q: Can I re-gift un-opened gift boxes?

A: No, this can't be done. You can re-gift the content after opening it, though.

Q: Is there a transfer timer for items that have been gifted via Wrapping Paper?

A: Yes, the transfer timer kicks in when the gift box is opened.

Q: Can a recipient have multiple unopened gift boxes?

A: Yes. All boxes will be shown when you type "info", including the name of the character you received them from. To open a box, type `unwrap <sender>, e.g. `unwrap john If you have received multiple boxes from the same character, the command will open the chronologically oldest first.

Q: Can I use Wrapping Paper for anonymous gifts?

A: No, the recipient will always know who was kind and gave them your wonderful gift.

Q: Can I get a gift box back?

A: No. Once you have sent a wrapped gift, it becomes the recipient's.

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