Summer's heat shimmers above the sun-baked stones of the festival ground. The last of Danival's snows has long past, Jujinka's flowers have gone to seed, and now is the time of M'Rill, Prime of Felines, and the time of the Festival of the Sun! This year the Pixels and Master Masons thoroughly renovated much of the art and games, so join us on the banks of the ancient river for fun activities in a revamped and beautiful map. Light the fires!

  • Explore ancient tombs to find treasure
  • Try the beautifully remastered barge ride
  • Answer Sphynx riddles for a secret reward
  • Try your hand at Senet, an ancient Egyptian game
  • Participate in quests throughout the dream and market
  • Earn access to the Sun Festival 32bit patches by finishing the quest!

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