Clicking Someone Else

By right-clicking on another player, you can bring up an easy-to-use menu that allows you to send them private messages, look at their description and portrait, throw items at them, add them to Pounce, and more.

Whisper Opens a whisper window for the furre you right-clicked. If you have Pounce turned off, it fills in the whisper command with their name for you.
Look Show you the furre's portrait and description.
Join Sends a join request to the furre, asking them to summon you by their side.
Summon Sends a summon request to the furre, asking them to appear by your side.
Follow Sends a follow request to the furre, asking them to lead you.
Lead Sends a lead request to the furre, asking them to follow you.
Cuddle Sends a request to the furre to cuddle. Cuddling is available to Silver Sponsors.
Give Gives a gift or edible treat to the furre.
> Cookies Gives a cookie to the furre. Use Make Cookie to bake a cookie from your inactive cookies, or Give Cookie to pass on a cookie given to you.
> Noms Gives an edible desctag to the furre.
Available commands are: Candy, Candy Cane, Carrot, Cuppa, Muffin, Strawberry, Taco, and Pull Cracker. You can buy these from the Digo Market.
> Roses Give a rose to the furre to appear in their description.
Available commands are: Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Black, and Flower Bouquet. You can buy roses from the Digo Market.
> Gifts Give a special gift to the furre.
Available commands are: Carnival Beads, Flaming Sword, Friendship Bracelet, Snug, Sword, Valentine, Fancy Valentine, Vinca Flower, and Wand. You can buy gifts from the Digo Market.
Throw Throw a throwable desctag at the furre, which may knock them down. Use Throw to throw from your personal stash. Use Toss to toss an item that's been thrown to you.
Available commands are: Bone, Fruitcake, Kiss, Pie, Pillow, Snowball, Trout, and Water Balloon. You can buy these from the Digo Market.
Ignore Put the furre on your ignore list, which prevents you from seeing their chat messages. They also cannot whisper you.
Add Furre Add the furre to your Pounce friends list, which lets you see when they come online or go offline.
Share Edit Allow the furre to live-edit your dream. This command can only be used in unencrypted dreams you own.
Unshare Edit Remove the furre's ability to edit your dream.
Art Party Add or remove the furre from your Art Party. Use Artist to let them edit the patch, Watcher to let them just view the party, and Unparty to remove them from the party completely.

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