Additional Credits

John Boulton, Dov Sherman,
Gene Rozenberg, and Michael De Piazzi

Fastgraph graphics library by Ted Gruber Software Inc.

Original music and sounds by Team FAT, Gene Rozenberg and Aleksi Asikainen
Enhanced MP3 Music by Samantha "Yaminoanil" Whittington

FMOD sound system by Firelight Multimedia

Installer utility by Aleksi 'Fox' Asikainen

Dragonspeak Constructor by Lothus Marque of Mercenary Enclave Productions

Internet Hosting: Datapipe and Shadowmesa Developments
Online Sales: Infire Business Ventures Ltd and Catnip Studios

Excluding some of the programming libraries,
Furcadia contains approximately 751,165 lines of source
code, or, as some prefer to count it, 33,998 crayons.

No animals were harmed in the production of this game.
Though a duck was harassed, two llamas were confused,
and a Cat was repeatedly shouted at by Kashi till the Fox bit him.

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