Dragon's Eye Productions Staff

Dr. Cat / Felorin
Creative Director, Executive Producer, President,
System Architect, Folder of Origami Dragons

'Manda / Talzhemir
Conceptual Designer, Game Designer,
Continuity and Canon Source Material

Emerald Kaiten Catz / Emerald Flame
Executive Producer, Project Manager, Game Designer,
Creative Designer, Heart of Furcadia

Aleksi Asikainen / Fox
Technical Consultant, Composer

Ben Jans / Gar
Design Director, Game Designer,
Graphic Artist, 3D Animation, Mr. Fishy

Michael Vondung / Cironir
Community and Customer Satisfaction Director,
Beekin Administrator, Sales, Writer

Kimone Osbourne / Kashi Commodore
Systems Administrator
Great Lord of Darkness, Harbinger of Nightmares

James Talon / James
Art Director, Associate Producer, Project Manager,
Invented 5 extra hours per day

Lead Programmer, Client/Server/Web Developer
Furcadia's Best Friend, Bug Exterminator

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