Basic Rules and Policies of Furcadia

Furcadia is all about tolerance and respect.

Our rules and policies are based on the expectation that most people don't join communities to get hassled, confronted with stressful situations, or have an unpleasant time. Originally, Furcadia didn't have rules other than "Get along with one another.", which is still the over-arcing principle. With growth came the necessity to spell out our policies in greater detail, but the spirit of "Treat others like you want to be treated" is ever present.

If you act in a way that would make you a welcome and cherished guest at a friendly party, a casual meeting with colleagues, or a family gathering, you won't ever bump into any issues with Furcadia's rules. If in doubt, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our rules and policies outlined and discussed HERE.

1. The dodging of Furcadia's profanity filter by using spelling variations, special characters, or other means is not permitted. Unless otherwise noted in the entry text of a map, all main areas of Furcadia are family-oriented.

2. You may not "spam". Spamming is the continued flooding of the screen with the same thing or nonsense text.

3. Anything resembling combat or inciting violence must be kept off Furcadia's main maps, unless otherwise noted in the entry text of an area.

4. You may not use any offensive, sexually explicit, racially offensive or hateful language in family-oriented maps. Racially offensive or hateful language is not allowed even on adult maps, and the word rape or any variations thereof (raping, raped, rapist, rapeable, etc.) are not permitted ANYWHERE in Furcadia.

5. You may not sexually harass other players. rape and public vulgarity are serious offenses in Furcadia, and will result in severe consequences. If you see this, please save your logfile and report it to a Guardian immediately.

6. If you are harassed by another player, you may follow exactly the steps outlined in 'How to use the Silence Rule' to make them stop. If you do so, Furcadia staff will enforce the Silence Rule as necessary. If you decide not to use the Silence Rule, this is considered to be a decision on your part to continue to interact verbally with the other individual, and also to constitute permission for them to continue speaking to you.

7. You may not prevent other players from entering dreams or accessing areas on main maps, regardless of the means used to do so.

8. OOC speech and actions must be kept to whispers on designated IC main maps, such as Goldwyn and Theriopolis.

9. In freeform role-playing, when someone says or poses something that imposes a result on your character, or states or implies that you have done something specific yourself, you may choose to proceed as if that thing never happened to you. This is known as the consent rule. (If you are playing in a dream that has it's own combat system or other sets of rules, however, you are expected to do your best to play along with those rules while you are in that dream. Dream owners always have the final say on such matters within their own dreams.)

10. Only Chartered Guilds have assigned dream locations. All others are on a "first come, first served" basis. Do not upload in locations that you know belong to a Chartered Guild.

11. Staff does not help with or enforce role-play or IC (in-character) continuity rules or storylines, including official continuity. The exception to this is rape on any map or dream, or any role-play that violates the rules and policies outlined in this document. (With the exception of rape, enforcement of anything within a player owned dream is up to the dream owner.)

12. Bots and proxies are not supported by staff in Furcadia. Players are responsible for keeping their bots within the rules and off main map areas (other than Acropolis and Allegria Island). Bots loaded on Acropolis or Allegria Island may not emote/emit messages more than once a minute. All messages must be appropriate for these family-oriented areas and may not exceed the length of six (6) lines. Additionally, bots loaded on these maps must give all spoken and emitted responses to commands via whisper. (This includes deliveries made by delivery bots.) Bots on public maps may not whisper players who have not requested information (no unsolicited advertisement by whisper). See also the rule about use of third party software.

13. Third party software, including proxies, bot tools and other utilities, are not supported by Dragon's Eye or its staff. If you use such programs, you are responsible that they do not interfere with the operation and stability of the Furcadia service, and that they do not harm or harass other players. Additionally, Dragon's Eye assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage that third party software may cause to your system, including but not limited to infection with viruses or trojans, system crashes, loss of files, etc. Players who choose to use one or more third party software programs do so at their own risk.

14. You may not impersonate Furcadia representatives, employees of Dragon's Eye and associated companies, or pretend to be a member of staff. (This includes the volunteer staff.) It is also not permitted to create characters for the sole purpose of impersonating, making fun of, insulting, or harassing other players.

15. You may not log on another player's account without their permission, nor may you attempt to gain the account information of other players or distribute their passwords to other players.

16. You may not use Furcadia to obtain or distribute personal "real life" information (Ie: Name, phone number, location and address, etc..) or media (Ie: Photographs, audio or video recordings, etc..) of other players without their express permission. This includes posting URL's in Furcadia which show such things.

17. Players who are considered to be minors under the laws of their local jurisdiction may not enter restricted adult maps without the permission of their parents. Parents are urged to make use of the Parental Controls, located in the configurations utility (config.exe ) that is part of your Furcadia installation.

18. You may not attempt to hack or crash the server, and you may not exploit any bug in Furcadia to gain unfair advantage in the game. If you find a critical bug, you must immediately notify a staff member. You may not communicate the existence of any such bug to any other player.

19. It is solely your own responsibility to ensure that you do not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation. You agree to indemnify Dragon's Eye from any liability which may arise from any such violations, or from any other actions you take which cause harm or damages to another individual, whether they are a Furcadia player or not.

20. Temporary policies may go into effect at any time for various things going on in-world. These will not be listed in this document, but you may be informed of them through other means (Opening Screen announcement, In-World Announcement, Entrytext on maps, or directly from a staff member or Guardian). You agree that you will abide by these when informed of them.

Furres not following these Rules and Policies can be reported to a Guardian, not to any other Beekins. Ignore can be used in most cases of a furre bothering you. For serious trouble, you should use Furcadia's in-game help channel to call for a Guardian. To do this, simply type help in your Furcadia window, followed by a brief explanation of what you need help with, such as: Help There is spamming in AI. Players that fail to stay within the boundaries of these rules may be warned or booted from the game, or in more serious situations they may experience temporary or permanent suspensions from all Furcadia and DEP services, including but not limited to the deletion of some of their characters. Please do not abuse the help channel, as that adds more work to the Guardians and makes for slower response time.

You can save your logfile by doing the following: Locate your 'Furcadia' folder. Inside, there should be a folder called 'Logs', Locate the text document that shares the same name as the character you were playing. Highlight and copy the portion of the log that is desired. Make a new text document and paste the material. Save the document under a new name. This can be used to show what happened to you. WARNING: If you log off and back onto Furcadia your log file will be lost.

Guardians do not police inside private dreams or help with guild related matters for things other than those listed in the above rules. Dreams and guilds are player owned and any other trouble or any questions regarding them should be addressed to the dream owner.

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