Rameen Festival

Our annual end of the summer beach bash is here! Join Jemmion and the rest of Furcadia's community for some serious fun!

  • Visit an Underwater World created by the Beekin Pixels
  • Be the Guitar Master in our Rockin' on the Beach stage
  • Befriend one of Prime Jemmion's pets
  • Play catch with your friends with the beachballs
  • Surf, go tubing, & try the water slide
  • Try your hand at the Trivia Hut
  • Sand sculpting
  • Bounce in the castle

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The History of the Rameen Festival

Our Rameen Festival has been an annual Furcadia event in honor of Prime Jemmion, the Smile of the Night. He's also known as the Rider of the Tides, the patron of those who live on the seashores and he gave some birds the power to mimic speech. The Rameen Festival originated as an annual celebration in the Dream of Sanctuary, and is now a Furcadia-wide celebration.

How to access the Underwater World

There are a series of very knowledgeable parrots around the Dream who may be able to help you at the Trivia Hut, if you take the time to give each of them crackers! Once you pass the Trivia Hut, you'll gain access to enter the Underwater World!

Map of Rameen Festival

Download Patch

Want to use the Rameen Festival patches? They're available for download to use in your own Dreams. Happy weaving!

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8bit Patch

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