Chim's Renaissance Faire

Welcome to Chim's Renaissance Faire! Explore, celebrate, and mingle! Get to know your community's latest and greatest Artists, Dreamweavers, and more in this exciting new festival! Ride the dragon boat, joust, shoot, and earn your favorite Ren Faire costume and marionette puppet.

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Community Market Event

Join one of the biggest online conventions Furcadia has ever hosted at this highly anticipated event! To get started, all you have to do is walk up to a free booth to claim one in the Renfaire Dream. Artists, weavers, DS Masters, backstory writers, description writers, groups, guilds… even used Digos are fair game. Make a booth and let’s see if we can get you customers! Be sure to pick up a Noble or Hero costume to wear!

When is the Market Event?

  • Monday, July 24th, from 3pm-10pm FST (CST)!
  • Saturday, May 27th, 3-10pm FST/CST
  • Location: furc://festival15/

Who is invited to set up a booth?

We have lots of Booth Type options for players to advertise:

  • Groups: Group, Guild, Hangout, Roleplay Campaign
  • World builders: Dreamweaving
  • Artists: Portraits, Patches, Character Art
  • Writers: Description / Backstory Writing,
  • Scripters: DragonSpeak, Bot making, Webpage making
  • Collectors: Digos

What do I do?

As long as you follow Furcadia's user agreement rules, you are free to advertise to other players while at your booth!

Attending the Market? Don't forget to pick up some extra Dragonscales to spend.

How does it work?

Anyone can claim a free booth and customize it to draw attention. Your claim on the booth can expire if you're not still hanging out there approximately every 4 hours. Unattended booths reset at 4, 8, and 12 o'clock FST, both AM and PM.

You need to be inside your booth to use the commands:

1.) Set your booth type: @portraits @patches @dream @ds @drawing @group @guild @writing @digos

2.) Cycle through the colors: @boothcolor[1-8] without the brackets

3.) Warp back to your booth: @booth and @kick to move the person in front of you out of your booth

4.) Submit a link (dream or website) to advertise (subject to approval): @link <url> - make sure to include https:// or furc:// or it won't work

5.) Decorate your booth by getting item categories from the merchants. You can cycle through items with f3/Use button and effects with the drop/cycle button as long as you have the item from the merchant. Happy decorating!

Map of Activities

1. Kasurian Community Market

Are you a creator? Join other Artists, Dreamweavers, and more by claiming a booth and showcasing your wares. You can decorate your booth how you'd like and it'll be reserved for you for four hours.

2. Dragonboat Ride - The Dragon’s Jest

Hop on the boat to get a great view of the festival!

3. Dancing - Paws and Twirl Glade. - Kitterwing Glade

Grab a partner, swing round 'n round between a whole slew of dance routines! Instruments are available to play along, as well.

4. Target Range - Test Your Mettle!

Compete to beat the high score by choosing your favorite projectile: throwing daggers, axes, or a cross bow. Utilize the unique Expanded View to see all three targets at once, from either the audience or the competitor's point of view. A special prize is reserved for the highest scorer.

5. Fencing Arena - Ring of Honor

Go swing for swing to fence with another player and attempt to push them out of the arena before they push you out!

6. Dunk Tanks - Furre Dip

Secure a stack of pongo fruit from the food court and use it to dunk a player. If you have good aim you’ll send them plummeting into the water below!

7. Stage - Proclamation Station

The official gathering place for events and to learn from staff about the latest happenings.

8. Chess - The Royal Game

Everyone's favorite two player game: Chess! Attempt to checkmate your opponent's very own king first to be victorious.

9. Whack a Jester - Fool's Errands

Roar out onto the field grounds and bump jesters in order to whack enough for a free cookie. Other players can also whack jesters so be sure to be quicker than them to secure the highest score!

10. The Gauntlet

Dash across the way, dodging punches and mallet swings to earn a kiss from the fair maiden (and some cookies)!

11. Paperboat Racing - Float Your Boat

For 1 cookie you can get your very own paper boat to toss over the bridge. If you and your friends drop them at the same time you can have a race! Watch them sail away and with any luck find victory (or they'll sink along the way!)

12. Storyteller's Circle / Royal Court - Royal Pavilion

Sit in the thrones to share your stories with the world. During the Royal Procession you can visit the court and socialize with nobles, or take pictures with the king and queen!

13. Furcadia's Got Magic

Decipher visual puzzles to show spectators a glorious round of magic tricks as they decide your fate in the shape of cheers, or even a serenade of boos! The competition is fierce.

14. Statue and fountain - Chim’s Roll of the Dice

The Renfair was created to honor the Light Prime Chim!

15. Pie Catapults - Pye in the Sky!

Gather a pie stack from the food court to launch it with a satisfying splat at another player standing behind the pie board.

16. Scarhawk Jousting (coming soon)

Be brave enough to climb upon the back of a fierce scarhawk and ready your weapon as you barrel towards your opponent. Knock them off before they knock you off to be victorious.

17. Dragon Quest - The Queen’s Request (coming soon)

Embark on a fun and mysterious quest you receive from a dragon in an attempt to earn Chim’s Favor. Who knows what prizes these very tasks will host.

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