Frequently Asked Questions About COOL

1. What is "Cool"?

The Rule of Cool is an advanced rule for those who want a shared history and setting (called a Continuity), and a method of resolving conflicts.

There are three levels of Cool, called Cool1, Cool2, and Cool3, with 1 being the easiest and 3 being the toughest. There are three different levels because different players want different levels of control, and these different levels DEFINITELY don't mix well with each other.

2. Where can I Roleplay?

Our default Continuity, the Dragonlands, is open to any player who has read the Dragonlands web page. This map is accessed by going to the west end of Meovanni Village, to the door marked In Character Roleplay Only, Please. Anybody in this area is expected to be a Roleplayer playing by the Rule of Cool1, according to the Dragonlands web page and Chartered Roleplaying Guild.

3. Why would anybody want to give up control of their character?

The higher a Continuity's Cool, the less control you have, but the more prestige you get. This prestige comes from agreeing in advance to make personal sacrifices for the sake of drama, and for being willing to take the extra time and effort to uphold the Continuity. Roleplaying makes you feel more like you're sharing a world with others, and contributing in a valid way.

There ARE limits to what another player's character can do to yours: Because Furcadia is a PG-rated game, patently adult actions and storylines are not permitted.

4. Do I have to use dice?

Roleplaying generally involves the use of dice for those actions that are dramatically important. At Cool 1, you may use dice when you feel it's appropriate. At Cools 2 and 3, you're expected to use dice when skills or abilities (listed in Furre!) are involved.

5. Can two Groups share a Continuity?

No, they can't. An RP-oriented Group includes both its good guys and its bad guys, with everyone in it playing by the same rules. Somebody who refuses to play by the rules will be kicked out of that Group. If you are kicked out of a Group, you cease to exist in its Continuity, so only one organization should have control of it.

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