ScarhawkScarhawks, often called Raptors (especially wild ones), are huge birds with sharp beaks. Their large size and powerful flight muscles allow them to carry Furres on their backs but they are not precisely "domestic" animals.

To be rideable, the egg must be taken from the parent bird shortly after it is laid. The hatchling must be fed large amounts meat. As fresh meat is the only thing they will eat, there can only be so many in a given area. (Unlike draxorians, they will not eat fish.) These "hand-reared" birds will bear their own trainer/rider faithfully but are extremely reluctant to accept a new one. They also will not breed, consequently new eggs must be acquired from the eyries of wild ones.

Raptor Knights are Furres who devote themselves to the care of their winged mounts. The job is very demanding since the care and training of the Scarhawk is much more intense than an Ostrix's. For every Scarhawk there are around fifteen Furres devoted to its upkeep. In the wild, Raptors would spend time grooming one another. In captivity, this task falls to the rider.

Using long tethers from saddles to an ankle, Raptor Knights enjoy jousting with blunt lances. Games of this sort tend to build great strength. Only a few Raptors grow strong enough to carry a furre in full metal armor, but can usually carry two passengers with ease. Malgrove's city guard's Air Cavalry elite ride Scarhawks; and they are kept in eyries.

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