Ostrixes are large birds with thick legs and are the favorite domesticated riding animal of Kasuria and the Olde World. They can and will eat just about anything a Furre would eat. Their favorite foods, though, are dry, bland palm fruits and nuts.

They are good multi-purpose animals with different uses, ranging from a pack animal, to transportation, to a racing creature. They are speedy, graceful, and have pleasant dispositions, though they are not known for their smarts. They are extremely reluctant to fight but they will defend their owner if kept as a pet.

Ostrixes are relatively common, and can be purchased at fairs or town markets. They can only carry one passenger, but if hooked to a small cart, it can pull two persons. Ostrix teams move very gracefully due to their instinct to synchronize gaits, so they are fun for Furres to watch at the popular Ostrix racing events in the largest Kasurian cities.

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