Kiwi is a broad term for numerous kinds of flightless birds with pointy conical beaks. They are all small, inquisitive little birds, which especially adore cookies as treats. They are often pets of Furres, though they can be overly nosey at times and curious about every single thing.

There are many, many varieties of Kiwi. Most are wild. They range from baseball size to large turkey size and have a tuft of tail feathers with several different colors. Over the rest of their round, wingless bodies, they have shaggy, curly strands of feather resembling the fibers that make up a peacock's tailfeather.

Kiwis are often kept for their eggs, which Furres find very tasty. Woolbird Kiwis are a domestic variety that grow plenty of curly feathers, which when shorn, are twisted with very fine plant fibers to make a downy yarn that feels like a cross between marabou down and angora hair. There are even roasting kiwis, dog-sized house-kiwis, paddling pond kiwis, and hopping grass-seed-eating kiwis.

The black-feathered Yawk is a cave-dwelling Kiwi. Its big feet are sensitive to vibrations in the ground, and it cannot see much beyond blurs of light and dark. Yawks eat padaak-fungus, and are, themselves, a food source for Nightdrakes.

Folklore has it that the presence of a golden kiwi on one's shoulder brings romance to the lonely, and the "heart" kiwi, which is red and about the size of an apple, is a traditional gift for a lover. The kiwi is traditionally associated with Matchmakers.

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