The Nightdrake, sometimes called Watchwyrm, is perhaps the rarest. Its skin is dark colored, usually dark blue or dark dark green. Nightdrakes have big eyes like milky opals, and they cannot see during the day. At night, however, they have perfect vision. They also have small gemlike lenses on their foreheads which project a light that only they can see.

Furres who mindmeld to a Nightdrake are said to become very strange. They become withdrawn and don't like to speak much. At night, they see through the Nightdrake's eyes, while in the day, they allow the Nightdrake see. The Nightdrake's dislike of wide open spaces tends to magically "infect" their rider.

Untamed Nightdrakes are a deadly menace. They run at a shockingly fast gallop, swim very fast, and their teeth are hard enough to pierce armor. Their skin is extremely tough. They are the preferred mounts of Drakorian bandits, but are also favored by miners.

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