Native to Drakoria, there are three species of draxorian: the large, rideable, flying Dracosaur, the flightless Nightdrake (also known as a Watchwyrm), and the smaller Minidrake. All three draxorians can be bonded using a magical music ceremony between compatible subjects.

Those who do not bond this way simply go wild. In the wild they are fierce and wary, untamed and untamable. They will attack a Furre to drive them away from a nest, and there have been cases of draxorians who developed a taste for the flesh of young Furres.

Draxorians of all kinds tend to lay their eggs far from their homes, leaving their young to fend for themselves. This protects them from another instinct: to eat any eggs they find. Female Draxorians are called casses. Males are called syres. A dragon that is too young to ride, but larger than a hatchling, is called an ansel.

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