The unlikely Bogblort lives in still water, the more foul the better. Children may say "Bogblorts!" as a curseword when something goes wrong. Perhaps that is because these little creeps are known to sneak in and sabotage machines and tools. They sometimes infest the sewage moats of castles.

The Bogblort's specialty is illusion. It stands only half a meter tall, but can look like somebody much bigger. A Bogblort can impersonate monsters it has encountered, too, but cannot look like something it hasn't seen from a number of angles. More often, its efforts are directed at looking like natural pieces of scenery, like a boulder or bush.

Those rare individuals who are "psionic nulls" (and thus immune to these illusions) are the Bogblort's deadly enemies. Bogblorts normally go to great lengths to kill such a person.

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