Wolf Howl

Early gloaming, winds turn biting,
Eerie shapes in Blood Moon lighting.
Shadows dancing 'cross the ground,
Spine a-tingle from the sound
Of wolven chorus slowly peaking,
Falling footsteps, branches creaking.
The haunts of Wolf Howl drawing near,
Embrace the dark, or flee in fear?

Are you ready to brave the night for this year's Wolf Howl?

It's that time of year again, perfect for enjoying pumpkin carving, questing, and even more importantly, howling at the moon! Challenge yourself -- see if you can solve the mystery of the Great Ones, access the hidden wolf cave, puzzle out the social media hunt and silent pillar quests, and dig around the nooks and crannies of the haunted mansion! There's so much to discover!

Download Patch

Want to use the Wolf Howl patches? They're available for download to use in your own Dreams. Happy weaving!

32bit Patch

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