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Online Multiplayer Gaming

Online Multiplayer Gaming, or OMG, is a hangout for videogamers on Furcadia. Â More than just a friendly place to relax and chat with other furres, OMG offers a wide range of things for gamers to do! Find like-minded furres using our search feature, register your favorite games and platforms, play free games listed in our library, and participate in events like trivia quizzes and live Let's Plays! You can even earn achievements and level up inside the dream, so come check us out!

Online Multiplayer Gaming is a friendly atmosphere for adult, mature gamers. We play everything from Animal Crossing to Minecraft to Resident Evil. Leave your console wars and biases at the door - we welcome every kind of gamer to come and chat about their favorite hobby!

You can find us SW of the big stairs in FurN!

The current dream is Online Multiplayer Gaming 2.0 and features a leveling system, an achievement system, and a survey and search system for finding likeminded gamers. Look forward to an update to OMG 3.0, coming in 2014! Hopefully!

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