X-Men is a role play mutant community based around the golden-age of marvel comics. Our timeline is approximately 1963, and follows the events post the latest X-Men movie, First Class. Our community attempts to merge select elements from the comics, tv series, and movies together to give our players the best experience. We allow our members to create many unique and diverse original characters, and we also have a wide selection of canon characters who are still available for playing. We also accept canon characters from the Marvel universe as well as the DC universe, but keep in mind that our community is geared towards 'mutants' and that your character will need to pick a main faction to affiliate itself with. Overpowered canon characters may be requested to tone down their powers and this will be discussed with you during your application period. Â

Our Dream Offers:

  • Two main factions for your characters to choose from:
    • The X-men Team is led by Professor X, who offers both students and staff a haven away from the prejudice of humans. Xavier's mansion has recently been transformed into a school for mutants from all walks of life.
    • The Brotherhood is led by Magneto, who offers his members a future of freedom against the oppression of human kind without a need to hide.
  • Main plot role plays as well as the opportunity to have fun with your own side plots.
  • A wide and diverse map for a better roleplaying experience.
    • Our map features a main city with shops, sewers, park, forest, and a beach. Also included are the X-Mansion and Magneto's Base.
    • Each base comes with dormitories and lounge areas for their respective teams to hang out in.
  • A devoted and active staff team, who are constantly working on updates to improve the dream.
  • Our OOC room is where you can come hang out and have some fun, just make sure your conversations follow the T+ standard. (https://www.furcadia.com/standards/)
  • Role play is not monitored. However if you blow something up make a news report on our website!
  • All new members or potential members can receive a tour of our dream, just ask either Professor Xavier or Erik Lehnsherr.

We Requestkurt-raven.png

  • That you keep your drama to yourself or in whispers. We have a 'three strikes you're out' policy for causing drama in our community.
  • That you do not role play until your character has been accepted. If you want to arrange a trial role play, please speak with either Professor Xavier or Erik Lehnsherr.
  • That you be active and have fun!
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