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Shadowdrake Manor

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Shadowdrake Manor is a house dream located in Imaginarium in front of the Heart Hall. A generally friendly environment where all who are polite and respectful are welcomed. It contains both roleplay and out of character socialization. There are no species or type limitations on who is allowed.

Tours are given upon request. The basic rules of this dream are simple. Follow common sense and courtesy, and follow the golden rule. (Treat others as you wish to be treated).

Shadowdrake Manor is not a brothel. Residents are not here for your sexual pleasure. Requests to rent someone, and 'tailchasers' will not be tolerated.

Consisting of a large house, with a surrounding forest, Shadowdrake Manor has a lot of things to do and places to explore. One should be particularly cautious exploring the forest at night however, due to the atmosphere generator and stasis bubble, wildlife have been known to mutate, becoming tainted variants of their former selves.

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