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The Caribbean Canopy Club (CCC or '3C' for short) is a tropical vacation resort based in a modern high fantasy world. We are located in FurN but have an emphasis on clean cheeky fun. Originally opened some time in late 2004, 3C has undergone many updates and face changes over the years, including a complete overhaul in 2009 to make use of the (then) newly released phoenix speak data storage to create a unique economy that rewards people for hanging out in the dream! And another one in early 2013 to update the property system to use Regions. Â There is currently an automated property system that allows guests to rent their own piece of the island (beach apartments, jungle tiki huts, giant treehouses, or natural caves). Rented properties can be customized and decorated in any way using intuitive Copy/Paste commands. Despite how much work has already been put into 3C, it's still a developing dream, with future plans including Shops, an experienced Crafting System, and the learning of Magical spells, so there has never been a more exciting time to uncover the mysteries of 3C! We are currently working on an Arcade/Casino area as well as looking to collect more active and regular roleplayers to fill out our IC areas. If this sounds like your kind of place, we're always looking for friendly people to help populate our island! Â

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