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Furcadia's longest running Marvel Comics RP continuity! A lot of people may know us under a variety of different dream names, including Mutant Academy, Tyme's Institute for the Gifted and, more recently, as Darien City. Now, under the new name of Mutant Exodus, with a new Rah and a new map in the pipeline, our dream and continuity has been streamlined to allow new players to jump right into the action! Now recruiting new members!

Mutant Exodus, as a continuity, has existed within Furcadia since around 2006. The dream is based around Marvel Comics, though we primarily focus on the X-Men - the dream is currently set within a 'Mutant Academy' setting, and though we welcome other canon characters, many of those currently being RPed are related, at least in some way, to the X-Men.

The core group of players who have helped evolve the continuity so far, however, has been around and RPing in various Marvel-based dreams since way before them. Mutant Exodus is the culmination of characters, settings and storylines that have been around since then, and became the official name for our continuity back in 2006, when we RPed in a dream named Tyme's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Before then, our group participated in a variety of different dreams, including X-Furres, United X Academy, Xaviers Institute, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Mutant Academy.

Most players will know us from our most recent dream, Darien City. The map for Darien was created by the incredibly talented and generally awesome player known to most on Furcadia as Alluvial, and though we're in the process of relocating the continuity to another dream, her avatars, portraits and patches still remain. This decision was reached after the end of many long-running plotlines within the dream, and with most of our loose ends tied up, we decided that the best course of action was to change setting and start relatively fresh. Whilst all that happened in previous dreams still counts ICly, new players no longer have years of RP to catch up on before jumping into the action!

To anyone wishing to RP, feel free to stop by! We're located on the street corner of Imaginarium, and all are welcomed. Whether you want to try your hand at RPing a canonical Marvel character, or maybe just roll with an original character, we're always open to new members - whether you're new to Furcadia, new to Marvel or just a general hardened veteran to the whole scene, we'll be happy to have you!


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