Welcome to The Pack This group is used as proof that you are within the ranks of The Pack which is ran by the pack alpha Holly (Hollens in game). This Pack resides in the dream San Angeles and is currently recruiting all whom wish to join, Registered and unregistered Werewolves are accepted however registered Werewolves will be kept at more of a distance to keep other members whom are unregistered safe from those who wish to harm the Supernaturals. As an Alpha, Holly has the ability to split her Will amongst those within her pack which is how she is capable of 'commanding' those within the pack to do as she pleases. This does not mean your character absolutely has to listen and be obedient to those Commands but those who are more resistant will be more of a strain on her being and treated differently amongst those who are more loyal. What I mean from that is like.. Think of yourself holding onto let's say fifteen leashes with eager dogs on the end of them who want to walk. That one person in control of all those leashes/dogs has to make sure they stay in line and behave with one another. If they all behave it's smooth sailing with minimal issues, but if one or more of those dogs on the leash misbehave and ignore the command, that puts strain on the one holding the leashes. The more within the pack the more strain it puts on Holly. However since she is a mated Alpha her capacity of members in her Pack can reach numbers up to ten being comfortable without putting too much strain on her since her mate(Jaspar) takes on some of that responsibility. However her command is final, has more power over the pack than her mate since he is a Hybrid. Her son (Caspian), the Heir to the pack also has a higher command over the pack but again, what Alpha says, goes.
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