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The Monkhgerel Tribe

Mönkhgerel Tribe Eternal-Light
Narantuyaa [Sunbeam] started this tribe with her sister, Sarangerel[Moonlight] and their brother Odgerel[Starlight] who has since passed away. It was named after the elements of their names. Their banner features a sun, moon and a star on a field of blue with rays of yellow. The color red expresses progress and prosperity; the blue, eternity; the white, purity of thought; and yellow, longevity. Since it's creation two years ago, it has grown into quite a large tribe that now includes Nara's wife[Carrera Viper] and a woman who Nara considers a sister[Lili'vi] through blood bonding, as well as Ehen; who is a woman that has become family to Nara. Lord Dralt of House Ouroboros is closely tied with Monkhgerel as an ally. With the inclusion of Carrera and Lili'vi, the numbers of their little tribe had grown very large thanks to the merchant mariners of the Viper Lily trading company, giving the tribe access to lots of small trading ship with about half a dozen dedicated warships and a couple of airships as well as the men and women who make up the sailors of each vessel. The tribe has access to about 20 or so horses, with numbers growing as time goes on.
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