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Aritanel and Maliquas

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Aritanel, the continent where the few remaining pholezia thrive alongside numerous mythical beasts. Long ago these are the only beings they intteracted with, with the exception being their dear friends the elves. Now with so few pholezia remaining their homeland is also home to humans, elves and dwarves as well. A land with a past of calamity and violence born of giant monstrosities resembling a spider crossed with a dragon, such creatures preying on smaller creatures as well as creatures to match their own size, dragons. A much smaller creature known as the 'Praxalif' is also responsible for past attacks on the people, often hunting in packs outside the cities at night. No larger than the largest of dogs, they have a temporarily paralyzing venom present in their bite. This troublesome venom harvested from slain Praxalif to be used in a special wine reffered to as serpents bane. It leaves a faint numbing sensation on the lips and burns going down. Not many are a fan of it, suppose this is why it is a delicacy. Aritanel has grown to not only be the name of the pholezian's homeland but has also lovingly been given to the capital of the kingdom. A kingdom with a banner depicting a dragon and phoenix wing, a saphire, and a rose. The kingdoms colors being red, blue and gold. The climate is warm almost year round and tropical, it never snows and the sea thrives with life. (More being written)

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